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GrimmI was was very excited to sit in and listen to these gentlemen answer questions about Grimm and their to hear their excitement of what this show could eventually become. From what they have taken from Grimm, to the most challenging aspects check it out below. Here are some of my favourite questions from the interview:

Okay, this is for each of you, my one question. What is the most challenging thing about your character that you have to deal with when you’re performing?

Russel Hornsby: I don’t have a challenge for the character necessarily, it’s – I think right now the biggest challenge is just the time and the Grimm shooting schedule itself. You know, we shoot very late at night and sometimes early into the next day, so I think just the schedule, the turnaround is probably one of the most challenging things right now.

David Giuntoli: And I’d say for me, this is David Giuntoli, you know, I’d say what Russell said is certainly true. It’s a wonderful job that they work, you know, really long hours, but in TV you film – you know, in TV and movies you often film like the of the episode first thing that day, and then the first scene of the episode right after the climax, so it’s all out of order. So, it’s very difficult to remember exactly where you are at the story (arc) of that episode.

 In the first two episodes, Nick really hasn’t had any problem hiding his Grimm ability from Hank. Hank kind of – just kind of gone along with Nick’s hunches, how does it play out going forward? Is it going to become an issue for the partnership in the upcoming episodes?

NG: Yes, I think as the series goes on it becomes more and more difficult for my character to keeps these two worlds separate. In the first several episodes, it’s – they’re fairly separated. The monsters are only going after a different perpetrator or – and not very much me.  And so, (the one) that starts to come after me and my life, and my life includes the precinct and my life includes being at home with Juliette. And then, they start going after maybe, I don’t want to give too much away, some of my loved ones, so it becomes a little more difficult for me to keep this lie going.

RH: Well, from my perspective, I mean I’m totally in the dark, so as things sort of open up it becomes a little bit more interesting for my character to discover, you know, just new elements of the show, but I – of the story. But again, I think my character starts to see, again as I said in the previous question, that things are just getting a little weirder in the city, and he’s just seeing the type of crimes that are being committed are a little bit out of the ordinary.

So, can you guys talk a little bit about your relationship on and off screen? You guys have some good chemistry on screen, but can you talk a little bit about your relationship and what you think the other brings to the particular role?

DG: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, first and foremost, we have a wonderful chemistry. I think it’s been great. Our entire Grimm cast has really gelled nicely off screen, as well as on screen, but Russell and I, from my point of view, it’s just been an honour working with him because, you know, he’s, as I like to say, he’s a youthful veteran of the world of theatre and acting.

RH: And, you know, I mean the joy of working with David, David’s a very smart, intelligent actor and has a wonderful, you know, approach to the work, you know, as well, which is totally the opposite of my approach, so it’s been wonderful to sort of watch how he approached the material and just learning from that. And also, he has a great sense of humour, so you know we sort of – we’re able to like wisecrack, you know on set and it – you know it makes the day go by a lot faster, you know…just being able to work with somebody who has a sense of humour, takes himself seriously, but not too seriously, but is definitely talented, but also engaged in the work.

How has social media networking sites like Twitter and Facebook been a really great asset for the promotion of the show?

DG: I was a reluctant adaptor, but it – well, I’ve learned to really love it. I mean, our promotion of the show was, I don’t know if anybody has done this before, but we leaked – for all the followers of NBC Grimm, we leaked the pilot episode to them maybe a week in advance to get kind of the buzz out there and to get some of the good talk within the – you know the fan base.

Those came out to be my favourite questions from the Grimm press and media phone conference, it was a very interesting and fun interview and hopefully you folks have enjoyed it as well. I learned a few things about Grimm, and hopefully it is a great success and is on for years to come.

My thanks goes out to NBC Universal for putting this on and allowing all the different media outlets to sit in, listen, and ask questions about Grimm, and a special thanks to two of the lead actors in Grimm for taking their time out and doing this.

Catch Grimm here in America on Fridays at  9pm/8pm Central and  in Canada on CTV on Fridays at 9pm.




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