Comixology 2 For 1 Reviews: Clown Fight And The Fez


Today we’ve got two short reviews for two short comics that have just hit Comixology’s Submit releases. One clocks in at 12 pages and the other at 13. There’s a lot of talent packed into these tiny toons, so don’t be fooled. Let’s take a look at Clown Fight! And The Fez #1. Read on for these short shot reviews:


clown fightClown Fight! is from Rob Harrington with art by Ger Curti and colors from Lara Maruca. It’s a short story with no dialogue featuring two clowns crossing paths and engaging in an epic battle of slapstick comedy. They are clowns, they fight using tricks and gags you’d expect from clowns, and it’s pretty awesome. The solicit info called it “A Tex Avery infused fight to the finish…with clowns! Clowns! Fight!” and that sums it up perfectly. It’s a funny little story that feels like it could be an animated short before one of Pixar’s films or something. The art is absolutely fantastic and the colors are bright, vibrant, and very clown-ish. The backgrounds are kind of gray and subdue to really play up the two bright characters and the fact they are the focal point. We’re watching them and we’re just a part of their world. At .99 cents it’s well worth checking out for the fun story and stellar art.





the fezThe second shot in our short show review is for The Fez #1 which is written and drawn by Roger Langridge. It’s a twelve page comic with two short stories featuring The Fez. The titular character is a man in a nice suit and bow tie who wears a fez and a monocle. He’s also invisible. The first story is a little weird and wacky. The Fez is following one of his villains who apparently robbed a bank. He gets the money back, but he continues to watch the ne’er-do-well. The other features The Fez going on a mind-bending journey after some experimentation in the lab. This one is a little harder to judge. It goes by quick and just give us a little taste of what The Fez is. If you like Langridge and his style, you’ll love it. If you’re on the fence you might want to wait until the next issue comes out to see how that turns out. This one also costs .99 cents so it’s worth it if you’re looking to try something new.





Both of these are on Comixology now. You can go directly to Clown Fight! by clicking here and The Fez by clicking here.


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