Comics Sales Analysis for September


My apologies on not keeping up with these the past couple of months, but here we go!  September’s numbers were down considerably from the past year, but we had the New 52 last year. With Marvel NOW! coming up in the next few months, I expect to see more Marvel titles in the top ten.

Right away it’s clear that DC’s #0 month was a success.  They dominate the top 10 comics, with Avengers vs X-Men #11 being the only Marvel book.  Granted, it’s the top selling book for the month.  It sold six thousand more than the next comic, Batman #0.  And Batman #0 sold almost twenty thousand more than the third comic, Justice League #0.  The same pattern since the New 52 started has been going; DC takes the top 10, Marvel takes the rest.  DC books either sell like crazy or don’t at all.

Unlike the past few months, DC sold the most comics as well as made the most money.  Usually Marvel makes the most money while DC sells more issues.

The new DC books didn’t fare well, sans Talon.  Talon cracked the top thirty, which keeps proving that anything Batman will sell. Granted, Talon #0 was a good book.  Sword and Sorcery did the worst of the Third Wave books.  The Phantom Stranger did ok……and nothing else.  Lukewarm critical response isn’t helping that book either.  Dial H, which I love and you should be reading, continues to have trouble selling.  By the time the Fourth Wave comes around, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dial H will get the ax.

Gambit, which started off well, has quickly dive bombed sales wise.  Captain Marvel isn’t selling well, but getting critical acclaim.  X-Treme X-Men isn’t selling well at all, which Marvel can’t be happy about.  I’m surprised they launched the book in the first place.  Greg Pak is an amazing writer, but he’s not a miracle worker.  The name change for Thunderbolts didn’t help sales at all.  Dark Avengers is still on the bottom of the top 100.  I’m happy to see that Daredevil seems to have leveled off sales wise.  Marvel is weird when it comes to sales.  If a book continually sells the same amount of issues, Marvel leaves the book alone.  This might change with the Marvel NOW! relaunch, but we shall see.

Many fans complain about the $3.99 price point, but they must be in the minority.  The majority of top selling comics have the $3.99 price point.  Buyers are either getting use to the price point, or some just don’t care.  A book like Amazing Spider-Man, which double ships, is in the top twenty for both issues.

Coincidentally, the highest selling Image book was The Walking Dead #102…..which was at #102 on the sales charts.  Dark Horse’s highest selling book was Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #13.  Buffy has been the best selling book for Dark Horse for some time.

In the future months, the top 10 is going to be a battle between the New 52 and Marvel NOW!.  Uncanny Avengers (review here) is going to be a huge seller, and Avenger vs X-Men ends as well.  And with November being the first big month of the relaunch, I’m predicting that a few books are going to sell very well.  My pick for best seller besides Uncanny Avengers is going to be Iron Man.  Kieron Gillen is an amazing writer, and with a new Iron Man movie coming around, people will want to see more of him.  Also, with The Dark Knight Rises coming out on Blu-Ray soon, the Batman books will take a slight bump.

Thanos’ appearance in The Avengers has had a big impact, as The Thanos Quest was the top selling graphic novel for the month.  Graphic novel sales were down almost 15% from August, which is sad to see.  But Christmas is coming up, so no doubt they will get a slight bump.

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