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Check out the new website! We’re taking the plunge into “the social web” with a new multimedia-enhanced, interactive, blog-driven website with nearly 1000 pages of content. We’ve got many great stories to tell, new (and old) photos to share, and never-before-seen videos and audio interviews to stream. This new site will allow Bill Black, Mark Heike and other AC creators to share tons of new material and some of the great behind-the-scenes stories that we’ve accumulated over the years but been unable to share with our fans until now. New articles are already published and many more are on the way!

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Plus YOU can leave comments of your own throughout the site on just about EVERY page! We’ve always known that we have the best fans in the industry and we look forward to hearing your comments throughout the new site. Stop by today and say hi!

As always at you’ll also find the AC Online Store filled with over 700 products from our many decades of comic book publishing, featuring titles like Femforce, Best of the West, Crypt of Horror, Men of Mystery and many, many more.

You’ll also find Bill Black’s ongoing series of films, hundreds of gallery photos, Femforce fan fiction, articles and photos about your favorite movie stars from years gone by, and insights into the history of the comic book medium from fans, publishers and artists alike. There’s something for everyone!

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Comic BookFemforce 157
Gargantarama 20
Available Now!

Includes the major launch of our new feature N.E.D.O.R. Agents!

Another superb cover by Will Meugniot!! With Synn’s reality-warping powers seemingly out of control, the FEMFORCE have taken her to The Colorado Project for a medical intervention. But it’s not always wise to leave your health in the hands of a doctor who comes from another planet, with a couple of assistants who happen to be giantesses. The therapy they concoct is definitely “outside of the box”! PARAGON’S sightlessness becomes ever more puzzling, NIGHTVEIL is barred from using her magic, and SHE-CAT goes looking for a mysterious person out of her past, only to end up tangling with ATOMAN, CARBONATOR and SPEEDBOLT of the doltish JUSTICE SQUAD. Meanwhile, SYNN just mopes and waits for whatever is going to happen to happen. All this and more in “Living In Synn, Part 1″- plot by Stephanie and Mark Heike (with a script by Mark Heike), pencils by Chris Allen and Rock Baker, and inks by Jeff Austin.

Then- hang onto your hats for the first full-length adventure with the GREATEST new super-team series since…well, since The FEMFORCE was created!! Make way for the New Earth Defense Organization Reserve- N.E.D.O.R. Agents!! In an alternate version of Earth Comic Book(as is told in this tale narrated by the FF’s NIGHTVEIL)), it’s 1965, and a group of super-powered champions (based on the characters from the long-defunct Standard/Nedor/Better publishing group of the 1940′s ) has spent 20 years in readiness for a terrible event, which now is almost upon them. World War II veteran heroes Black Terror, Fighting Yank, American Eagle, Doc Strange, Liberator, Woman In Red, The Grim Reaper, Commando Cubs, American Crusader, Tygra, Princess Pantha and Miss Masque are joined by second-generation heroines (and uber-babes) Candi Future, Pyrogirl and Fighting Tank, they learn the truth about what REALLY threatens the world in “Everlasting Battle” a 25-page retro-revisionist epic that’s fast-moving, sexy and action-packed. Created, written and drawn by WILL MEUGNIOT, the feature that we teased in FF #156 kicks into high-gear this issue- and will be soaring to even greater glories in FF #158!! Plus- N.E.D.O.R. Agents pin-ups by Rick Hoberg, Gerry Acerno and Keith Tucker, AND info on a special original art contest giveaway by Will himself!

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Comic BookGolden Age Greats Spotlight Special 7: Roy Rogers Western Movie Hero 100th Anniversary Special
Available Now!

Commemorating the 100Th birthday of the greatest movie cowboy of them all and the comic book history of the matinee Western movie stars!
Within a breathtaking color photo cover of ROY ROGERS himself, you’ll find a bonanza of great vintage cowboy comic book story reprints, including THREE ROY ROGERS epics- “Ghost Town Payoff,” drawn by John Buscerma, “Sign of the Burning Rock” by Alex Toth, and “Man Trap” by Buscema. Then, it’s JIMMY WAKELY in “The Ballad Of Boulder Bluff” by Toth; DURANGO KID in “Son of the Sheriff” by Joe Certa and John Belfi, MONTE HALE in “Guns Against The Gold Train,” with art by Ed Good, GENE AUTRY in “Tobacco Juice,” WILD BILL ELLIOTT in “Hidden Bullets” and Tom Mix in “Suspected,” drawn by Carl Pfeufer. Then, it’s twenty pages of great photos and movie stills celebrating ROY and DALE EVAN’s film and TV career, featuring all of their favorite supporting players along with them. The remaining 112 pages is a reprise of the 1997 book “Roy Rogers and the SiIver Screen Cowboys,” written by comic book historian Bill Black, and out of print for many years. THE most comprehensive history of Western movie heroes in the comic books that has ever been published, listing a capsule history and art sample on EVERY movie cowboy that EVER appeared in a comic book, PLUS seven superb full-story reprints from the heyday of the comic book Western, including ROY ROGERS in “Red Ledge Gold”, with art by John Buscema; DALE EVANS in “Ghost Town Gold”, with art by Russ Manning; REX ALLEN in “Friend or Foe”, illustrated by Alex Toth, LASH LaRUE in “The Woman In Black” (art by Doug Wildey); ROCKY LANE in “The Crippler”, illustrated by Dick Giordano and Vince Alascia; Rocky Lane’s horse, BLACKJACK in “Trail Pard,” with art by Steve Ditko, and John Wayne in “The Weeping Walloper”, drawn by Al Willamson and Frank Frazetta. 210 pages of Western comics history in all!

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Who are the Angel Avengers!!

Are they comic book heroines? Bionic femme fatales? Paranormal government operatives? Supernatural super spies? World-class martial artists? Agents of a higher power? The embodiment of feminine grace, beauty, virtue and strength? All of the above!!!! The Angel Avengers series will feature a rotating cast of sexy and unstoppable warrior women in standalone action-adventure clips. Our heroines are tasked with protecting the world from mundane menaces like terrorists, assassins and criminal syndicates… while also keeping the paranormal forces of darkness and evil at bay. Bad guys beware!

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