Comic Book Therapy Presents: The Best Comics Of 2013!



Well 2014 is here, and while it is going to be an amazing year for comics and super hero movies, we can’t deny the fact that 2013 treated us fanboys pretty good.

We asked some of our staff to write down their Top 5 comic books of 2013 so they can share it with our loyal readers, and here they are:

Bobby Keough:

1. Saga

In “Saga,” each issue feels like an event. Brian K Vaughan mixes drama with great humor and witty dialogue, while Fiona Staples draws some of the most beautiful images in comics today. The characters all have unique natures, the story throws several twists at the reader, and Lying Cat alone is worth the price of an issue. Vaughan and Staples are a dynamic team that make the world of Saga both believable and extremely interesting, and the ending of each issue makes the reader beg for more.

2. Hawkeye
Matt Fraction’s take on the purple archer continues to amaze if only because it feels so different from other superhero comics out there. Fraction is able to paint a nuanced Clint Barton, showcasing a man who is both stubborn and self destructive while also giving reasons for why the hero feels so inadequate and detached from others. Contrasting this is the peppy and exciting Kate Bishop, who also in a way can be just as damaged as Clint. David Aja rocks on the retro art, with others such as Annie Wu bringing life to the purple archers. The offbeat humor and fun that this book brings means you should really check out the Hawkguy, bro.

3. Daredevil
This year brought the end of the long arc that Mark Waid started on this Daredevil volume, and what an ending it was. Daredevil #27 was a tense issue that provided closure to the many events that had been haunting Matt Murdock since issue #1, and his showdown with the villain was both satisfying and powerful. The comic has not slowed down since that finale, as Waid continues to keep a light, swashbuckling tone for Daredevil while tackling dark topics such as the Serpent Society’s grip on New York. This is one of the best superhero books out there and needs to be experienced to see how great hero books can still be when executed properly.

4. Batman
Scott Snyder continues to make Batman one of the best written comics out there by surpassing every expectation with such a popular character. This past year, he delivered a stunning and disturbing Joker story that was one hell of a ride, and is currently doing a Batman origin that actually feels fresh and fun. It would not be surprising to see these stories from this run go down as classics in the years to come. Snyder really adds a pathos to his scenes, which can evoke many different themes and ideas, and artist Greg Capullo is perfect at bringing out the dark needed for tales of this magnitude. Snyder and Capullo are one of the best duos in the business, and this comic constantly reminds the reader why as Bruce Wayne is thrown through the ringer time and again.

5. Uncanny Avengers
Probably the best Avengers book on the market, and that is saying something with Hickman’s great Avengers/New Avengers run. Rick Remender and artists such as John Cassaday, Daniel Acuna and Steve McNiven have brought this “Unity Squad” to life with feelings and missions that do anything but unify the mutant/human team. After AvX, this book feels so relevant to the potentially explosive relationship between human and mutants and having the story remain free of main event continuity allows for a more focused narrative.

Kevin Finnigan:

1. Daredevil
Easily the best read at Marvel. The shine of light in a comic world filled with darker books. One of the few Marvel titles I wish shipped twice a month.

2. Hawkeye


With art that stuns by David Aja, and Matt Fractions quip filled dialogue, it’s no surprise that this book is on the top of most people’s year end lists.

3. Saga


I haven’t read anything this close to Star Wars before. Always one of the best books each month.

4. Locke & Key


Locke & Key *sniff* why’d you have to go. It’s a been a great 5 years, and Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez go out with a bang.

5. Batman


Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo continue to make their case for one of best Batman runs in recent memory

Agent Burgos

1.- Manifest Destiny


Easily my favorite book of the year. Matt Roberts art is beyond awesome, and Chris Dingess writing flows just like water. To make a comic book retelling the Lewis and Clark expedition was a little risky, but seriously worth the risk. Kudos to SKYBOUND for putting up awesome titles like this one.

2.- The Walking Dead


2013 marked the tenth anniversary of The Walking Dead, and what a roller coaster that comic book has been.

We are currently witnessing the biggest event in The Walking Dead universe: All Out War and our favorite “ducking” villain Negan seems to have the upper hand. All the factions are going to war and there has been casualties, just like in any war. Will Rick die? Will it be Carl? How about Negan? Well, Kirkman sure keeps us guessing and we might not see what’s coming until we hit the last page of this arc.

3.- The Wake


Snyder and Murphy, what a beautiful team! This comic book has brought deep underwater horror to another level. I gasp for air every time I read a new issue, is just that suspenseful, that good. If you are not reading it yet get on it. Please.

4.- Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth


What can I tell you about Todd? This comic is wrong in so many levels, just…just awful.

While Ken Kristensen seems like a nice guy, he clearly has some issues. I blame M.K. Perker (and his beautiful art) for being an enabler and letting Ken get away with this stuff.
Poor Charlie Rose.

5.- A Voice In The Dark


Well, this surprising little gem caught us by surprise. I’m glad it’s getting the buzz that its getting. Created, written and drawn by Larime Taylor, A Voice In The Dark tells the story of Zoey, a girl who has some strange urges and she has to choose wether to act on them or ignore them. Very well written. A compelling story that leaves you wanting more and more.

Honorable Mentions:

I read too many comics and I had a hard time picking only five, so I’m going to add a few more that I thought were awesome.


Because is Aquaman. That’s it. Oh and because Geoff Johns did an excellent job in this run by making Aquaman cooler than he already is.


Have you read Trillium by Jeff Lemire? I honestly don’t know why you haven’t. If you love science fiction, time travel, love stories and an amazing story, check it out. I beg you.

Black Science

Speaking of science, Black Science will leave you with your jaw on the floor. Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera, enough said.

Dead Body Road


And speaking of Matteo Scalera, let’s jump into Dead Body Road. I love his style, I just love it. The car chases on the first issue are magnificent, and it makes you feel like you are actually going to get ran over. No joke.

Justin Jordan writes an explosive revenge story that bonds perfectly with Scalera’s art and vice versa.



Dark Horse Comics, how can I forget about you when you have a great book like Buzzkill? A superhero that gets his powers from alcohol but wants to get sober? Even Mark Waid loves it!

Well there you have it folks our favorite comics of 2013. Let’s see what surprises 2014 has for us. Meanwhile please comment below and share your picks with us.

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