Comic Book Delays Galore: Mark Millar’s Nemeis, Batman Inc., and More!


It was announced last week that retailers had been asked to hold off on Batman Incorporated #3 for a little less than a month due to certain scenes being in poor taste in the wake of the Colorado theater shootings. Now issue 4 has been added to the delay list among other comics.

Issue 4, intended for August, won’t be coming out until October now. This isn’t that big of a delay considering it is due in part to Batman Incorporated #0 coming out on schedule in September. Still, this is the most significant delay for the new 52.

Also on the list of delays is Green Lantern #12 which is delayed a week. Justice League #12 is being delayed a little over 2 weeks, and Aquaman #12 is being delayed a week as well.

Marvel has one book delayed so far. Mark Millar’s Nemesis sequel (Nemesis Returns) with Steve McNiven will come out in January 2013 instead of the planned September 2012 release. Bleeding Cool stated it was announced in a press release “that managed not to use the words late or delayed once!” Millar is notorious for delays, but this is a new record- it was delayed before it even came out.

There you have it comic readers, you may have to wait a little longer for some of your favorite books. What do you think about the delays? Is this going to affect anything for you? Sound off below.

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Source : Bleeding Cool