Colton Haynes Has A Feeling Red Spandex Is In His Future On Arrow


tumblr_mj3p1rquHb1qe27zio1_500Arrow is currently filming it’s second season, and with all the excitement that The Flash will be joining the show, focus has shifted away from the actual show it’s self for a little bit. The second season will debut in October and will jump ahead four months. Also the show will be dealing with the fallout from the shows shocking season finale.

One of the big questions on the show is what exactly Roy Harper’s role on the show will be. Many fans were a little thrown off when Oliver called his sister TheaSpeedy” in the pilot episode. “Interesting enough, there’s been a few times where I’ve called her Speedy and she’s called me Speedy and they’ve taken those scenes out of the show,” explained Colton Haynes, who plays Harper on the show. He also went on to say that he and Thea actress, Willa Holland, joked on whether he stole her job when he was brought on.

When it comes to what story Haynes wants to explore for his character, the choice is pretty obvious, Speedy’s drug problem that was featured in the Green Lantern/Green Arrow comics. “He starts to develop a drug problem and he really has to get down and out before he has a redeeming quality,” he explains. “It would be really nice to take that route; to go through the struggles his character has to go through in order to team up with Oliver.”

Really what fans want to know is will we see Roy take the steps to be the hero who he is in the comics. “I have a feeling that possibly red spandex might be in my future. I’m trying to get in really good shape,” said Haynes who also reviled his favorite incarnation of Roy’s characters is Arsenal.

With all the new stuff that is going to be featured in Arrow, it will be interesting to see how this affects how much time we spend on the island. Haynes said that Roy spends a lot of time early in the season looking for the vigilante who has gone missing after the events of the season one finale. Whatever happens, we seem to be in store for some entertaining television when the show returns this Fall. For the latest on Arrow, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.


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Source : Scifi Now