Colin Baker Not Pleased With The Surprise Cameo In The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special


tom bakerIt turns out not everyone was pleased with the 50th Doctor Who anniversary episode, The Day of The Doctor, after all. Colin Baker, the former Sixth Doctor, was actually quite miffed that only one of the classic Doctors showed up for the big party. He took aim at Baker, Moffat, and the entirety of the BBC in some remarks recently.

Speaking with The Daily Mirror (via SciFi Now), Baker weighed in on the other Baker’s appearance as the mysterious character called The Curator in the special episode:

All [the classic Doctors] or none, that’s what I would have thought. I know Tom did it longer than anybody else and he’s the oldest Doctor but by asking him and not us, it makes you feel like a second class citizen.
Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor, said way back that they were not going to have us in the special. At the time, we didn’t know that Tom was in it which was slightly irritating. Even though I don’t look the same, none of us look exactly the same, it would have been nice to get a small part in it- to give back to the fans.

A lot of fans shared the same sentiment, but those concerns were slightly eased when all 12 doctors popped up in the final moments of the episode. Granted their faces were CGI’d on to some stand-in’s bodies, but it was technically every single Doctor in one scene. You can see where Baker is coming from though.

He was happy with Peter Davison’s Five(ish) Doctors reboot that aired after the special. Davison, Baker, and Sylvester McCoy had their own little adventure. If for some reason you missed it, you can still check it out by clicking here. Colin Baker said of that experience “Peter came up with the idea for the film. I’m so proud of the Reboot. I really hope fans love watching it as much as we loved doing it.

It’s interesting that Colin’s comments about Tom Baker popped up not long after Peter Davison expressed his displeasure of Tom’s actions. The Fourth Doctor was supposed to appear in the Five(ish) Doctors reboot, but apparently he ignored his colleagues after learning he would be in the special. Davison took to his scarcely used Twitter to share a few behind-the-scenes bits and bobs from his short. He said of the lack of Baker:

Culshaw is of course a famous comedian who does a dead-on Tom Baker impersonation. What do you think about Colin Baker’s comments? Do you wish all of the classic series Doctors would have appeared in some form or fashion?


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