Clark Gregg Talks Coming Back To Life For S.H.I.E.L.D.


coulsonWe don’t know how Joss Whedon will pull it off, but we know that he’s bringing Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) back from the dead to star in the yet-to-be-picked-up S.H.I.E.L.D. show for ABC. While everyone is still being secretive about the pilot, Clark Gregg did talk a little with Collider while at WonderCon about being brought back to life.

Gregg, a huge fanboy himself, was pleased with Coulson‘s story and thought his death was “Shakespearean.” He talks about the death and then the call he got from Whedon and Marvel saying he was coming back:

I’ve been so happy and living this geek fantasy as they kept adding Agent Coulson to everything including The Avengers and then gave him this magnificent, almost Shakespearean death scene, and I found out on that day how much I loved this guy and had come to identify with him partly because of the way fans responded to him, and also because he had such a great niche in those movies. He got to be funny, he got to be, in this case, heroic. And then I got to say good-bye to him, and it was a very emotional day. And yet I feel what Joss did with that was a fantastic conclusion of the character. And even though my friends at Marvel said, “You know, we spent a lot of time talking about how Coulson lives, and we know that there’s a movement out there, and there are t-shirts and people paint on bridges ‘Coulson Lives’, we’re going to bring you back”, and it’s one of the many things people tell you that never ever happens. And then I get this call from Joss saying, “Well…there’s a script. And here’s what we’re thinking, and it’s after The Avengers, and here’s the concept.” By the time Joss finished telling me, I was in.

Gregg went on to say that we’ll get clues about how Coulson came back to life, but there we won’t get to know everything about it. He also answered one of fan’s biggest questions about the resurrection, saying he didn’t know if he’d be back for more Marvel movies but he’d be open to it. He mentions the S.H.I.E.L.D. show doesn’t break the continuity of the movies, so that won’t be a conflict. He also shared his feelings about being on TV as the leading man:

I’m not going to lie. It was a little frightening. I’m used to coming in and doing my scene. And letting Robert and Scarlett do their thing, and then going back to the trailer. And now it’s, “Where’s Robert? I need someone really beautiful like Scarlett standing right here!” No one is going to want to look at this mug for that long. Because then I would go on to do the next thing. And luckily, they put together a pretty spectacular ensemble around me, and I don’t know where they found them. I didn’t know many of them. Every day I would just show up and be impressed. I think there’s something people responded to in Coulson’s through-line and who he is. He’s the human factor of S.H.I.E.L.D. The people who’s job it is to keep things running smoothly; the keepers of the secrets, and to kind of be the first line of defense and welcoming. The thing that really works well on a smaller context for that. I’ve never seen anything like we shot on a television screen before, so I’m really excited for people to see that.

Collider posted the excerpt from their interview and also made an embeddable video which you can check out below. With all the attention the pilot has gotten, I’d find it very surprising if ABC didn’t pick the show up. With it tentatively scheduled for fall of this year, we should be hearing something soon when the networks announce what shows they have picked up for series. What do you think about Gregg‘s comments? Any theories on how Coulson lives?

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Source : Collider