Clancy Brown Gives Jesse Eisenberg The LEX LUTHOR Seal Of Approval


LEXClancy Brown is an icon. The actor has appeared in countless movies, TV shows, and animated projects where he utilizes his immediately recognizable voice. He’s arguably most famous for his voice work as Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series. If Kevin Conroy is the king of DC animation, then Brown has to be the next person in line for the throne. While out promoting the new superhero movie Sparks, he talked about his time voicing Lex Luthor and shared his thoughts on Jesse Eisenberg being cast as the next live-action Lex in Batman vs. Superman.

When asked about his comic book work, specifically his DC voice over work, Brown was asked what he thinks makes Lex Luthor such a timeless character. The heroes always translate well throughout the years, but the villains are a little more hit and miss. The actor chalks it up to Luthor being just as big an icon as the Man of Steel:

He just translates so well through the years. He fits really well in the ’50s and he fits really well in the ’60s — he’s just an American icon, I think, in the same way that Superman is an American icon. But they’re different sides of the same coin. As our society evolves, the characters evolve.
I’m dying to see the new one. I think Jesse Eisenberg is a great choice. I think he’s a really sharp choice, and I know a lot of people don’t agree with that, but I think he could be spectacular. I liked [Michael] Rosebaum’s take on it, but that was kind of a WB show. But I just love the idea that the Facebook guy is Lex Luthor. That’s just perfect. [Laughs]

clancySince the actor so freely offered his opinion on Eisenberg, the followup question was obviously trying to get Brown to expand on his comments. The announcement of Eisenberg as Lex didn’t reach quite the level of outrage as Batfleck, but it did cause an uproar. Clancy Brown places himself in the pro-Eisenberg camp. He praises the actor’s skills and discusses what he think Eisenberg can bring to the role:

Well, he’s a pretty specific actor. He’s not a chameleon like [Gene] Hackman or [Kevin] Spacey. He has a similar smugness the way that Spacey does — that highly-intelligent, super-smug, almost effeminate kind of smugness about him — but he’s way more current. I just watched “Now You See Me,” which I thought he was terrific in. He has a really specific persona engrained that is super-smart. You don’t necessarily like him, but you don’t dislike him. You don’t necessarily think he’s a good, fun guy — you see him as a real quirky, weird dude. You don’t completely trust him, although he’s kind of adorable in his nerdy way.
I think Lex has that. Lex is attractive in all the things that shouldn’t be attractive — or aren’t traditionally attractive in comic books — his intelligence and his ambition and his ego and all the rest of that. Jesse carries that really well. Plus, I hear he’s a really nice guy, which helps. It’s why I think it shines through, why his attractiveness shines through, because deep down he’s a good guy. But he also has this kind of intellectual persona that’s unsettling. It’s almost reptilian, which is something I think Lex carries with him.

So the definitive Lex Luthor has given Eisenberg his seal of approval. Hopefully that glowing endorsement puts some people’s minds at ease. Brown has had a big hand in the DC universe with animated projects and his outing as Parallax in Green Lantern (though we don’t talk about that movie). The actor had a lot more to say on a wide array of subjects. You can click the source link for the full interview. What do you think of Brown‘s Lex Luthor comments?

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