Did Cinematographer Larry Fong Just Give Us Our First (Behind The Scenes) Look At BATMAN VS SUPERMAN?


BatmanSupermanBannerMany of us are anxiously awaiting the first picture from Batman Vs Superman. Fans are on pins and needles hoping to catch a glimpse of Ben Affleck’s new Batsuit, what Henry Cavill’s new Superman suit will look like and if we will get to see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

While we may not have had that shot yet, we might have had or first picture from the movie. Cinematographer Larry Fong has taken to Twitter to post a photo (pictured right) of what one can only assume is from Batman Vs Superman. FongBTSDon’t get your hopes up because the picture is just of the camera that he is using. However, if you direct your attention to the background, you will see what looks like it could be a blurry shot of Ben Affleck. Unfortunately it’s not in his Batsuit, but rather a regular business suit.

The shot isn’t a guarantee to be of Affleck either, it could just be a stand in that is used for framing the shot. Also another thing to keep in mind is the caption of the Tweet. “I hear film is dead. But can I please finish this movie first?” is the quote Fong included with his tweet which means for those of us that care, the film is being shot on film instead of digitally.

While we wait in anticipation of the first look at our characters for the film, I guess this behind the scenes shot will have to do for now. According to various reports the bulk of the actors who will be in the film (Cavill, Affleck and Gadot included) are already in Detroit, so hopefully the first look isn’t too far away. Make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest on Batman Vs. Superman.

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Source : Larry Fong