Cillian Murphy Tried On Kilmer’s Batman Suit Too: Plus Jonathan Nolan Talks Batman’s Tough Decisions


scarecrowEarlier today we saw Christian Bale‘s Batman audition tape opposite Amy Adams. Bale wore Val Kilmer‘s Batman suit for the audition which resulted in an unintentionally comedic scene (click here for the original story). Seeing Bale‘s serious, scratchy-throat Batman wearing Kilmer‘s suit is really something else, isn’t it? Well Cillian Murphy also auditioned for Batman as well. It’s fairly well known that Murphy wasn’t Nolan‘s ideal Batman, but the director liked the actor so much he talked him in to being Scarecrow. That role carried over into all three films and even got the actor his gig on Nolan‘s Inception. Today pictures from Murphy‘s audition piece, included in The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition, have hit the web.

While we’re still waiting for the video, picture of Cillian Murphy in Val Kilmer’s Batman suit will have to hold us over for now (via CBM). A picture of Murphy doing a piece as Bruce Wayne was released as well. Murphy is a great actor, but as you can tell he doesn’t strike much fear in the Bat suit. He does strike a dashing figure as Bruce though. IGN also released another new featurette that shows writer Jonathan Nolan talking about Batman‘s tough choice in The Dark Knight. What do you think of the pics of Murphy? Do you like all the special features the Ultimate Collector’s Edition offers?



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