Christopher Nolan’s Batman Was Never Going To Be A Part Of Man Of Steel’s Universe


worlds-finest-poster-superman-batmanEarlier today we got some quotes from David Goyer at last night’s BAFTA’s where he talked about Man Of Steel’s ending. He also hinted to the fact that he might be working on Justice League as well.

Well that’s not all Goyer talked about. A couple of months ago there were some rumors floating around that Christian Bale was going to be putting on the cape and the cowl again to join Henry Cavill in a shared universe between Snyder’s Man Of Steel and Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Warner Brothers may have wanted this to happen, but according to Goyer, Nolan nixed his Batman appearing in the same universe as Cavill’s Superman from the very beginning. “Chris made it very clear that he wanted those three Christian Bale movies to stand alone and be their own thing. I knew there was no chance whatsoever that that version of Batman would ever cross over with Superman,” explained Goyer.

Goyer also touched on when they first started on Batman Begins the types on conversations he had with Nolan. “Chris had never read comic books, he didn’t know the world,” he said. “So he trusted me on that franchise and with Superman to know what was canon: what could be changed and what couldn’t be changed. Early in Batman Begins he said ‘does he have to have a utility belt?’, and I said ‘yes’. And he said ‘why?’. And then he showed me a design and it was all black. And I said ‘it has to be yellow’, and he said ‘oh…'”

Despite the fact that Nolan wanted to keep his Batman grounded in reality, Goyer said they took the comic book history very seriously. He also said he went back through over 70 years of history involving Batman and picked out 10 things that needed to be represented, and referred to them as being like, “Like the 10 commandments.”

They also sought out the help of comic book writers and artist. Leaning on that community to make sure they didn’t break any rules that would slap fans in the face. We said ‘what do you think should be in a Batman film, and are there any rules that you absolutely would not break?,” he said. “It sounds simple, but none of the other writers had bothered to do that. They dismissed the comic books and their creators. We earned their trust.”

It would be interesting to know when in the process Nolan axed the idea of his Batman appearing in the same universe as Zack Snyder’s Superman. As we all know now, Ben Affleck will pick up the mantel of the Bat in 2015’s Superman/Batman movie. However, it would have been interesting to see how film makers would have handled the situation given that Nolan worked so hard to keep super powered beings out of his Batman movies. Leave your comments below on if you are happy with them leaving the Nolan Trilogy alone, or if you would have rather seen Bale back as Batman in the DC Universe.

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Source : The Gurardian