Christopher Eccleston On Playing Make-Believe In THOR: THE DARK WORLD


xcmsWe’re now right around a month away from Thor: The Dark World thundering into theaters. We’ve been getting several new TV spots, trailers, and character posters lately as we mark the final few weeks off our calendars until the premiere. Today Total Film has posted an excerpt from their upcoming Fantasy Issue, featuring several interviews with the Dark World cast. Christopher Eccleston‘s comments regarding the films use of special effects and CGI give us a look into the actor’s first day on set:

My first day was in a sequence where the Ark, Malekith’s ship, suicide bombs into Asgard’s main hall. The level of detail in that was just breathtaking and extraordinary.

But there’s plenty of green-screen too, and I actually enjoy it. When I was a kid, before I was an actor, I used to go out into the garden and pretend I was surrounded by spaceships and pretend I was being attacked. It’s just an extension of that. It’s just play.

We’ve seen Malekith the Accursed’s ship tearing through several locations in the trailer for the film. It’s a big ship that can deal out massive amounts of damage. If Malekith is suicide bombing the main hall of Asgard, we can only imagine the scope of the battle going on that would make the Dark Elf ruler decide to use his ship as a blunt object. The final picture below may be a set image from the scene Eccleston mentioned. It’s from filming early on int the movie’s production, but the ship that’s crashed into the hall doesn’t exactly look like the front of what we’ve seen of the Ark. Regardless, it’s a ship crashing through one of the Asgardian halls. It seems Eccleston has come a long way since his days on Doctor Who, a green-screen and CGI heavy show in its own right. From all the various interviews we’ve seen the actor lately it sounds like he’s had fun with the challenges director Alan Taylor has thrown at him (most notably learning an entirely new language for the Dark Elves).

As an added bonus, ThorMovies.Tumblr have posted a new image of Anthony Hopkins as the mighty Odin. The Allfather seems to be surveying the toll a skirmish has taken on the forces of Asgard. Odin got a brief scene or two of action in the first film, but hopefully we see Hopkins doing a few more heroics this time around. What do you think about Eccleston’s comments? Do you see any hidden clues in the Odin picture?



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