Chris Samnee On Designing Daredevil’s New Nemesis Ikari


ikari bannerThe Man Without Fear faced off against a new villain called Ikari in the pages of Daredevil #25. The character is a mirror version of Daredevil, matching him in every way but one- Ikari still has his eyesight. The reveal at the end of the battle that left Matt Murdock completely beaten and broken was a big shocker. Artist Chris Samnee recently spoke with Marvel about his art duties on the book and what went in to designing the character that just might have put a little fear into Daredevil.

ikariSamnee revealed what the inspiration for the character was and how he went about designing the costume for the person described as “the moon to Daredevil’s sun

Ikari really started from a conversation Mark and I had about opposites and how Daredevil didn’t really have an opposite number villain in the Marvel universe. There’s Bullseye, of course, but I’ve never really been able to see him as the flip side of DD. Anyhow, since the big bad has been pulling DD’s strings since the beginning of the series with a number of things that tie back into Matt’s past, we toyed with the idea initially of Ikari wearing the armored 90’s era costume. As I sat down to sketch that outfit though I started thinking about how, as we see in #25 and #26, the Hand plays a major part in the “Big Bad Man in a Can’s” plans, so I sketched out a quick version of Matt’s original yellow and black costume as if it had been designed by ninja.

I added the kanji for “moon” to his chest to play up opposites since Ikari—as he would soon become known—is the Moon to Daredevil’s Sun. From a distance it also has the added bonus of resembling the big capital “D” from the original Bill Everett designed Daredevil suit.

By the time he made it into the book from that initial sketch he barely changed at all.

As you can see from the preview pages from Daredevil #26 below, Matt hasn’t seen the last of Ikari. The mysterious alt-Daredevil is working for the even more mysterious man in the iron box. We know the figure has been pulling the strings on events happening since issue #1, but who is it? You can read the full interview with Samnee by clicking here. Also included in the preview pages is the cover for Daredevil #30 where Matt has a run in with the Silver Surfer.
dd 26 1

dd 26 2

dd 30

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Source : MARVEL