Chris Roberson Talks The Light: Plus First Look At The Shadow #14


shadow bannerChris Roberson has brought new readers into the world of pulp with Dynamite‘s hit miniseries Mask. The penultimate issue of the epic story bringing together the likes of The Shadow, The Green Hornet and Kato, Zorro, the Green Llama, and Miss Fury hit stands last week. Due in part to the success of Masks, Roberson has taken on the Shadow ongoing series. The new era kicked off last week as well. Roberson recently spoke with CBR about his new gig.

In The Shadow #13 we saw the introduction of a brand new villain called The Light. The big bad clad all in white has been on a killing spree, bringing sinners to justice with her two katanas. Roberson spilled some details on who the new villain is and how she is a great foil for The Shadow:

The Light is very much the opposite of The Shadow, even in terms of her background and history. The Shadow and the characters who eventually followed him were usually Westerners who end up learning mystic arts in the Himalayas or “The Mysterious Orient.” I wanted to flip that formulation in The Light so that she’s a woman from the East who is trained in the mystic ways of the West. As the story progresses, you’ll get glimpses of her background. She’s a woman from southeast Asia who was adopted by a secret order of Knights Templar-like monks in France and raised in that mystic tradition. But I really wanted to draw a contrast between The Shadow who is an agent of justice and The Light who’s an agent of judgement. She is someone who punishes sin rather than evildoers.

Roberson also teased another new project coming after the conclusion of Masks. While he couldn’t say much about it since it hasn’t been announced yet, it sounds like we can expect another book like the recent Black Bat and Miss Fury ongoing series:

I probably can’t say too much. Initially I signed on to do this one, and I wanted to work with Dynamite for a long time because they control a lot of licenses that I’d like to work on. My run on “The Shadow” came about, I think, because they were happy with the work I was doing on “Masks,” and there is another follow up we’re doing after that. It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but that should be coming soon. It’s not a direct sequel like “Masks 2” or anything, but it does have a similar kind of structure with overlapping groups of characters, but it’s set in a different time period and has a different kind of vibe to it.

So it seems Roberson will stay in the pulp world for a while. That should be good news to fans of Masks and The Shadow. The writer has done something truly brilliant with the pulp hero team-up and his Shadow is off to a strong start. You can read the full interview where Roberson talks a little more about Masks by clicking here. What do you think of the new Shadow story so far?


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