Chris Pratt And Zoe Saldana Talk GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY


guardiansChris Pratt and Zoe Saldana were both out promoting their new movies this week. Luckily for us they were asked some Guardians of the Galaxy questions in addition to the regular junket fare. The duo talked a little bit about the tone director James Gunn is going for and what they think sets Guardians apart from other Marvel movies, other than the fact that it’s the studio’s first cosmic outing.

Speaking with Collider, Pratt remained tight-lipped about being the Star-Lord. The only thing he would talk about is how his film will take the Marvel formula of mixing action, drama, and comedy to the next level:

I think not only does it continue, I think it’s going to be brought to a whole new level. Honest to God, I cannot wait for people to see what we shot over there. I hope…they’re in the edit right now. I just got a text from James [Gunn] like an hour ago. He’s really happy with everything. I think Marvel is really happy with everything. I have my fingers crossed, I’ll knock on wood, but if we execute properly in the edit, the movie we shot over there, I think people are going to be in store for something really amazing.

guardians of the galaxyHis co-star was a little more verbose in her interview with MTV. While Saldana didn’t talk about playing Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, but she did take some of Pratt‘s comments another step or two. She said Guardians is “a new way to view superheroes.” She continued:

I love, sometimes, the consistency of what the classics have left behind, but I need innovation. You can only have so much of “I’ll save you.” After a while, it’s like “Oh God. Does he go to the bathroom? Is he hungry? Does he cry? Does he feel?” Not only do we cover that, but we’re making heroes out of thieves, and they’re Robin Hoods. I love that. I’m an underdog. I always liked the longer routes, the hardest route. That’s the only one that’s going to teach you great lessons in life. These characters are absolutely amazing, and they have a full-blown redemption.

Saldana went on to further praise the depth of the characters and how Jame Gunn oversaw the production. She says that Guardians is a movie with real heart, though she uses a different body part in her description:

To be able to sink your teeth into such meaty characters and to be a part of such a story that is very unique and obviously has everything that I love. It has space, it has a kooky director, it just literally has cojones. It has amazing actors that you would have never thought to put them together. Somehow we’re all here giving 150% and loving the story that we’re doing. I never like to shoot myself in the foot to seem that confident that I may come across as arrogant, but I’m rooting for it a great deal because it was amazing. What we shot and what we left on the screen there were pretty amazing things. I have a feeling that James is going to capture them beautifully. I’m happy to have worked with someone like James because not every day do you meet somebody that is absolutely who they are and you cannot compare them to anybody else. There is only going to be one James Gunn, and I like that.

You can tell that each and every actor that is involved with the film is passionate about the work they’ve done. That’s always a really good sign, especially when it comes to comic book movies. From what we’ve seen and heard about Guardians so far it seems to back up everything the cast and crew are saying. What do you think about Pratt and Saldana‘s comments?

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