Chris Pratt Says Bradley Cooper Is Changing His Voice Up For ROCKET RACCOON


rocketGuardians of the Galaxy is shrouded in mystery, but the one thing fans are dying to know more about is Rocket Raccoon. We saw a few pieces of concept art and a very brief glimpse of the gun-totting raccoon in some of the leaked Comic-Con footage, but that’s it. We know Bradley Cooper is lending his vocal talents to the character, but apparently James Gunn has him chained up in a basement somewhere since no one has gotten a word out of the actor about the role. In a recent interview with IGN, ChrisStar-LordPratt talked a little bit about Cooper‘s voice over work and what it was like working with Benicio del Toro.

After explaining that principal photography was completed but that they would go back and do a few reshoots and touch-ups when Gunn finishes his cut of the movie, Pratt was asked if he had any scenes with del Toro‘s Collector. Taneleer Tivan aka The Collector had a surprising appearance in the mid-credits scene of Thor, and it looks like Gunn‘s description of the character as “Liberace in space” is very fitting. Pratt talked about working with del Toro and how it was an absolute treat:

I did, I got to work with Benicio del Toro on Guardians of the Galaxy and he it was awesome. He is truly an artist. Captivating to watch. I learned so much watching him. He’s like the king of behavior. He’s the kind of guy that is doing something physically that isn’t on the page, it’s just something he brought. It’s something I learned a lot from. I aspire to be able to do something like that.

rocketWhen asked about the odd choice of Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon, Pratt was very complimentary of Cooper and put some fans’ minds at ease with a brief word about Rocket‘s voice. Many had been concerned that Cooper would just do his normal voice for the furry little guy, but Pratt says Gunn and the actor worked up something different for the character:

I think it’s a really good choice. I think you need a great actor to play Rocket Raccoon. Also, he brings a star quality to this movie that is really a benefit. We have a great cast of good actors, but we don’t have Bradley Cooper in the movie until we have Bradley Cooper in the movie. That’s a really, really amazing boon for us. We’re super excited. I really trust James Gunn, the director, and he had a reason for choosing Bradley. He’s saying now the voice they’ve been working on, they’ve created, is really awesome. So it’s not just going to be Bradley Cooper, it’s going to be Bradley Cooper doing this voice…the voice of Rocket, which is like the best character in the movie. I’m really, really excited and I can’t wait to meet him because I’m a really big fan.

Cooper is actually really good at impressions and accents. If you’ve got ten or fifteen minutes, I highly recommend you go to YouTube and check out a few of his late night talk show appearances to hear his vocal range. A lot of people (myself included) wished Rocket would have a cockney accent like he has in several of his cartoon appearances, but we’ll just have to wait and see…or rather hear, what Gunn and Cooper have worked out. What do you think about Pratt‘s comments?

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Source : IGN