Chris Pratt, James Gunn, And Karen Gillan Talk GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY


guardians of the galaxyGuardians of the Galaxy is easily Marvel‘s most secretive movie to date. James Gunn filmed the entire movie and only two batches of paparazzi pics ever got out. We saw Michael Rooker in his Yondu costume and we got a glimpse at some alien extras running across the Millennium Bridge in England. Since security was locked down that tight, it’s not surprising that the actors are staying extremely tight lipped during interviews. The past few days Chris Pratt, James Gunn, and Karen Gillan have been grilled about Guardians of the Galaxy. They keep the secrets of the project, but they do let lose a few interesting tidbits.

Speaking with HitFix about being so super secretive, he compares it all to knowing he got someone a great Christmas present and now he’s waiting for them to open it:

I know what’s in the box, I can’t wait for the public to open it and I’m really hoping that they like it! I have a feeling — it’s like you found this gift, you’re like, ‘Whoa! That’s great!’ And now I’m ready, but if you open it up and don’t like it, I might kill myself. Just saying. At least pretend!

star-lord iconWhen asked by Mashable what his favorite scene from the film was, Pratt said it was one of the first scenes he did when he had his full Star-Lord costume. He dances around what exactly the scene is, but he does give a few details about something going down in the first 15 minutes or so of the movie:

In the first fifteen minutes of the movie, you see me in this place. That’s what we shot the very first day and to me, that was like the best day. I could not believe the scope of the set that we were on and what was happening all around me, the costume I was wearing, the wind and the water and the rain — it was really amazing. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the movie. That was my favorite.

Last night the Thor: The Dark World red carpet premiere took place in Los Angeles and I Am Rogue caught up with director James Gunn and femme fatale Karen Gillan. Gunn is the most secretive person of all, but he would talk about his relationship with Marvel Studios:

It’s been great. I have an enormous, enormous respect for these guys. I really think Kevin Feige is a genius. I think that he balances out some of my weaknesses, and at the same time, allows me to be fully myself in creating a movie that I think people are going to be really shocked when they see how…unique it is.

The director did get a little peeved when asked about Chris Pratt‘s comments regarding Vin Diesel as Groot. You may remember last night in the latest Marvel Roundup Pratt said he is a big fan of Diesel‘s voice and that it’s one of his best acting tools (you can read that here). Gunn will probably have a talk with Mr. Pratt later today:

He didn’t tell you that, did he? We’ll see. I can confirm I had a phone conversation with Vin yesterday. That’s all I can say.

Karen Gillan was upbeat and optimistic, as always. You can watch the full video to hear her gush about James Gunn and the experience of being a part of the Marvel Universe, but she says of her character Nebula:

I play a character called Nebula. She is the female villain of the film. She teams up with Lee Pace who is the male villain of the film. She’s very sadistic and evil, but I like to think for a very valid reason. No scenes with Benecio [del Toro] but me and Zoe Saldana, who is the female lead, have a VERY COOl sequence together.

We got a brief glimpse of Nebula in the leaked Comic-Con footage and she does look pretty intimidating. We’re still several months out from Guardians, but Feige said everyone is hard at work on the trailer. Hopefully the veil of secrecy drops slightly and we get a look at what Gunn and company have in store. What do you think about the trio’s comments?

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