Chris Pratt And James Gunn Tease Guardians Of The Galaxy: Pratt Shows Off His New Bod


guardians-galaxy1Filming for Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy from director James Gunn has begun, but we haven’t seen or heard much of anything about it yet.  It seems that will change pretty soon if Twitter is any indicator. Both Gunn and the Star-Lord have taken to the social media site to tease what’s in store for fans. The director dropped a teaser saying we’ll probably be getting a picture of one of the film’s stars soon. Pratt on the other hand took to Instagram to show off how buff he is for the film.

James Gunn is usually pretty active on social media. He maintains his own Twitter and Facebook accounts and regularly interacts with fans. He’s still doing a good job of keeping up social media appearances while working on Guardians, but he hasn’t been talking very much about that particular film. Every once in a while he’ll answer a question, but it’s usually just him playing with followers. Yesterday the director answered a fan’s questions on when we’ll see a picture of Dave Bautista in full Drax the Destroyer gear. As you can see below, we might get it soon unless he was just trolling all of us. Marvel did release an official picture of Chris Evans shortly after filming for Captain America started, so it’s reasonable to assume they might just do the same for Guardians.

Chris Pratt, who will bring Peter Star-Lord Quill to life next year, took some time to answer questions from his fans as well. He didn’t reveal much in the way of Guardians, but he did end it by showing off his rocking new bod. Pratt looked like a brick sh…well you know what for Zero Dark Thirty. He then got a little more flabby for his return to the show Parks & Rec. Well, as you can see below, he got back in even better shape than his Zero Dark Thirty days.



You can see Pratt’s new look below, and below that pic is a side-by-side shot of Pratt with the new version of Star-Lord in the comics for comparison. So we may be seeing Drax in the next day or so and Star-Lord is in good shape. With Guardians entering its second week of filming, hopefully Marvel and Gunn will be releasing some information sometime this week. What do you think? Ready to see Drax? Impressed by Pratt‘s new physique?



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