Chris Pine Talks STAR TREK Sequel


We still don’t know a lot about the Star Trek sequel. We’ve been lucky to get a few leaked set pictures most recently there was a possible screenshot of a Klingon. There are rumors about who Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing. The dominant one being that he may be playing Kahn, but Simon Pegg dismissed that. Of course he isn’t going to confirm it so we’ll have to wait and see. While the film is very secretive as per usual for J.J. Abrams, Chris Pine did speak with Collider a little about shooting the movie.

Pine on how filming is going.

Oh, it’s good! What am I going to tell you? Those big films are scary things. There’s so much money behind those things. There’s that hype. You enter a machine. I’m just happy that the people behind it were such good, welcoming types. J.J. [Abrams] runs that ship. J.J. is a wonderful guy.

He also discusses how the sequel will be a mix of small character-driven moments and big blockbuster action:

What they bring to this kind of film is a small character-driven story, matched with robots or aliens or spaceships. That’s a very hard thing to do, and a lot of people don’t pay attention to that. It’s really interesting that, in The Avengers, the character that people relate to is The Hulk, and I think the reason why they relate to The Hulk is because he’s fragile and human and faulty. With J.J. and company – Alex, Bob and Damon included – what they’re really, really good at and what sets them apart is that they know how to do the action, and they know that if you don’t give them the small character-driven drama, you can blow up anything you want and no one cares. People will leave the theater because we’ve all seen it, a million ways. With the second one, people will find that it’s the mythic structure, done really well. The journeys with the characters will be really great, and the explosions and set pieces are going to knock people out of their seats.

Pine says they do feel some pressure with the sequel and that he hopes it does really well. He also touched on J.J. Abrams’ decision to film scenes in IMAX. He said that the cameras were huge and took 20 minutes to reload,but that Abrams did a great job of picking out scenes to film with the cameras. He said the scenes “really pop, like they did with Mission Impossible.” Pine points to The Avengers’ scope and size in IMAX as well as the scenes in Mission Impossible filmed in IMAX as how to do it right.

If Abrams is using those two movies for models on what scenes to film in IMAX it should look spectacular. In the first film we saw the team conflict and how the crew came together, so it is promising to hear that the sequel will tackle a small-character driven drama story. Of course there will be big action scenes, but it should be interesting to see how Abrams fleshes out the crew and draws them closer together.

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Source : Collider