Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor And Hawkeye


Chris Hemsworth talks Hawkeye, Friction, The Hulk and The Avengers!

Will Jeremy Renner cameo as Hawkeye in Thor? Will Thor and The Hulk clash? What can we expect from The Avengers and Joss Whedon? MTV News caught up with Chris at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and while he couldn’t say much, what he did was fairly interesting!

On Whether He’s Got To Know His Fellow Avengers Any Better Since Comic Con:

“We all met at Comic Con and had very brief, sort of in amongst the madness, introductions and then since then I saw Chris Evans at the Globes, and Robert Downey Jr, and we had a brief chat about it but we’re yet to sit down as a group.”

On What He Thought About The Script For The Avengers:

“I saw a very early draft and it’s incredible.”

On What To Expect From The Movie And How It Will Live Up To Fan Expectations:

“Everything about the story and comic books is huge. You have these huge big superheroes, and huge big egos crammed into one small space,Reading the script, it was just massice. Everything about it was like, “Oh my God.” I said to Joss I have no idea how you’re going to shoot thing thing, but I’m excited to be on board!”

On Whether We’ll See The Heroes Come To Blows, And Who Thor Is Most Likely To Clash With:

“There’s plenty of friction. In the comic books, him and Hulk have their fair share of tangles…”

On Whether He’s Able To Confirm That Hawkeye Has A Cameo In Thor:

“Maybe, I dunno…I can’t deny anything!”

On Whether He’s Seen Jeremy Renner In Costume Yet:

“No I havent.”

On Whether He Met With Renner On The Set Of Thor Suring Filming:

I don’t know if he’s in Thor. I havent seen the cut yet. He wasnt on the set when I was there, but might be in the final one. He’ll certaintly be in The Avengers. I had a chat with him at Comic Con, and he’s as excited as the rest of us.”

Thor is set to be released in the UK on April 29, with a May 6 release date for the US. The Avengers is schedule for May 4, 2012!

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