Chris Hemsworth Talks About Thor Fighting Ultron And Kevin Feige Gushes About MARVEL’s New Opening Fanfare


marvelThor: The Dark World is currently hammering the box office, pulling in well over $330 million worldwide. Chris Hemsworth is becoming an even bigger star and the wait for Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron becomes a little more unbearable thanks to him. The Dark World featured a lot of amazing things, but one of the neatest was Marvel‘s brand new opening credit and the fanfare from composer Brian Tyler. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige waxed lyrical about the opening while Hemsworth talked about Thor‘s fighting style and how he’ll match up against a certain robot.

Speaking with ScreenRant, Chris Hemsworth talked about Thor‘s action-packed first scene. The actor wanted to make sure Thor‘s fighting style and hammer handling skills were showcased properly:

It was one of my first concerns at the beginning of the film. I said, ‘look I don’t want him to feel he’s just doing hand to hand combat he’s a God we should see him off the ground more and we should see the power of that weapon and his abilities.’ So that was something we really concentrated on upping the action and the stunts and his skill set, really showcasing what he’s capable of.
I got a lot of help from the special effects department, making me look better. I had to hold that thing a lot, so I became pretty apt with flinging it around and switching hands, [I became] ambidextrous with the hammer.

ultronAfter reiterating that he’d like to see Thor 3 be about the apocalypse/Ragnarok and possibly involve a famous fire demon, Hemsworth talked about his next outing. While he still hasn’t read the Avengers: Age of Ultron script just yet, the actor is excited to see what Joss Whedon has in store. He thinks the robot Ultron won’t be an opponent Mjolnir is going to be able to crush like a tin can either:

I don’t know if it’s as simple as one guy versus this guy, and this guy; there’s always large developments and big themes. Also it’s about how that team operates, I find that is just as fascinating as who the villain is: what would exist within the context of that group.
I don’t know much about Ultron to be honest. I’m excited to see how this unlikely group of beings forms a team and how they continue. In the Avengers they got together there and went on their separate ways and now they’re back again. I’m hugely excited about seeing what Joss is going to do with it. I have no doubt it’ll be as epic as the first one.

On the more technical side of Thor‘s new movie, Kevin Feige talked to Marvel.Com about that amazing new opening logo and fanfare. Marvel has already used it on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and luckily we’re going to be seeing it a lot more. Feige talked about the evolution of the logo and the new opening musical cue:

We designed the very first Marvel logo for the first Spider-Man film. We’ve used that logo for eleven years, and with ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ it felt like a good time to update it because this is the very first film that only has the Marvel logo in front of it. You look back at the other films, and they’ve also featured our studio partners’ or distribution partners’ logos. But now that we are our own entity within the Walt Disney Company, it is only the Marvel logo in front of the movies. So that felt like the time to update it and have something that is more substantial as a standalone logo in front of our features.
The key was, we really loved that old flip logo. We didn’t want to re-invent the wheel, but we wanted it to feel bigger, to feel more substantial, which is why it starts with the flip, but suddenly it’s more dimensional as we go through the lettering and it reveals itself with the metallic sheen before settling into the white-on-red, well known Marvel logo, with the added flourish of the arrival and the announcement of the Studios at the bottom of the word Marvel.
My favorite part of it is, like all great studio logos, you need a fanfare, and we’d never had that before. We sometimes started the score of the movie, sometimes just had sound effects over it, sometimes had a song over it that leads into the beginning of the movie. So this is the first time that we have an actual, wonderful fanfare to accompany our logo. We turned to Brian Tyler to compose it for us, who this year has done two movies for us and two of what I believe to be two of the best scores in any Marvel Studios film, for ‘Iron Man 3’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World.’ So he thankfully was willing to and happy to create a spectacular standalone fanfare for us.

The new opening was a real surprise when it was rolled out before the movie, and it’s going to be great seeing it along with all the upcoming movies and TV shows. Brian Tyler did a fantastic job with the entire Thor score, so hopefully Marvel will be using him for a lot more in the near future. What do you think about Hemsworth‘s comments? Do you like the opening fanfare?


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