Chris Hemsworth Says AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Is “Bigger And More Insane”


thor bannerFilming is well underway for Joss Whedon‘s Avengers: Age of Ultron, but some of the principal cast haven’t begun work just yet. One of The Avengers who is gearing up for his next outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the god of thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth. The actor recently appeared at Wizard World Sacramento where he took part in a big fan Q&A session fielding all manner of questions about Tom Hiddleston and his experiences working on the solo Thor movies. The final few minutes of the chat did see the actor offering up a few Age of Ultron tidbits though.

thorEarly on a fan asked Hemsworth who his favorite Marvel villain was, whether it be in the movies or comics. The actor replied “Loki? Is that the obvious one?” with a laugh before mentioning  Hela (though he forgot her name) and Scarlet Witch, who he said was “pretty awesome.” 

Hemsworth couldn’t help but agree with a fan that mentioned he was the underdog of The Avengers who needed more screen time and respect than he’s been getting. That led to the question if Thor will get a little more of the spotlight in the sequel. The actor replied:

I hope so! [Laughs] We’re going to send this interview to Joss, he [guy asking question] thinks so!
Everything in Avengers is ramped up though. It kind of blew me away reading it. I don’t know how Joss does it, but everyone has just gone up another notch and the whole thing is bigger and more insane and crazy. Yeah, he’s a genius.

You can watch the full video below to hear everything Hemsworth had to say about his Marvel work as well as a few things about his other big movie, RushThor really is the underdog of The Avengers when you think about it, he’s sometimes the underdog in his own solo movies sometimes (because of Loki). Hopefully Hemsworth gets a few big scenes going toe-to-metallic-toe with Ultron. What do you think about the actor’s comments?

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Source : via SHH