Chris Hemsworth, Christopher Eccleston, And Others Talk Thor: The Dark World


thor bannerThe next hero to take the stage in Marvel’s Phase Two will be Thor. The god of thunder will be facing off against the dark elves and his own brother this November when Thor: The Dark World hits theaters. With the premiere quickly approaching, press and promotion for the Alan Taylor directed sequel is starting to rev up. Some of the cast have talked about where we find their characters this time around and how they will grow throughout the story. Chris Hemsworth, Christopher Eccleston, Ray Stevenson and Zachary Levi recently spoke about the highly anticipated sequel.

thorTalking with Marvel about his third outing as Thor, Chris Hemsworth talks about Thor‘s journey in the sequel and how things are going to be different:

Thor’s journey picks up from where we left [him in] the first one. [He’s] about to take on the throne, about to earn him the right to the king. [He’s] now coming to the realization of what responsibility comes with that, and also Alan [Taylor, director of “Thor: The Dark World] keeps talking about the sort of dark side of that responsibility, and the secrets [that come with] being king. [He has to] become very political about what people need to know and what they want to know.

We cover more ground than we did in the first one. [Thor doesn’t just stay] in Asgard, we certainly venture out into the big universe. But the scope of this just feels massive, you know? I mean we were just in Iceland for a week, and there’s volcanic lava, rock, snowcapped mountains, and we didn’t see that in the first one. So it already feels like there’s a bigger expanse to it.

Hemsworth reiterates a lot of the things we’ve heard about how the Loki/Thor relationship will be explored this time, but he also talked about how Thor will relate to his father (the Allfather). In he first film Odin stripped Thor of his powers and banished him to earth, but by the end that had started to repair their relationship and respect one another a little more. Hemsworth says that mutual respect will continue on in the film, but things will be a little strained with the huge threat everyone will be facing:

The conflict between Thor and Odin was, I think, so great in the first one, and we didn’t want to repeat that. So certainly they disagree, as I think they always will at times. But there’s a far greater respect from each other. It becomes, I guess, a more mature conversation, but there’s more at stake this time, too. It’s not just their individual egos, there’s the whole universe at stake.

warriors threeTwo of the three Warriors Three have also shed some light on what different areas of their characters we’ll be seeing in this film. Ray Stevenson and newcomer Zachary Levi, replacing Josh Dallas as Fandral, were quoted in a lengthy production notes release. Here’s the Volstagg and Fandral section (via CBM):

Once again playing Volstagg, Ray Stevenson relished the chance to see the character’s background develop further as life as an Asgardian is revealed, before the action intensifies. He comments, “You get a chance to see Volstagg with his family, which was a big surprise. I’ve got these naughty cherubic sort of bouncy kids, which is just a lot of fun.” Joining the cast to play Fandral is Zachary Levi. On picking up the reins of Fandral, he says, “I like the character of Fandral. He’s different to anything I’ve ever been able to play. He speaks with an English accent, is very blunt and is a total lothario, lady’s man. I love all that; it’s just really fun. He’s very Errol Flynn.”

Finally, The Dark World‘s baddie, Christopher Eccleston, talked about bringing the leader of the dark elves to life. Eccleston touches on what he wanted to do with the character, but the filler sentences around the quote in the aforementioned production notes release sheds some new light on Malekith and the dark elves. These could be considered slight spoilers, so read anything after the first sentence at your own risk:

“I wanted Malekith to have a sense of humor, because I think a sense of humor indicates intelligence and if you’ve got an intelligent villain that means that your heroes have to be really accomplished to beat them.” Malekith is leader of the dark elves, who inhabit Svartalfheim, one of the Nine Realms. After waging war with the Nine Realms, and being defeated by Asgard, the dark elves were considered to be extinct. But Malekith put his planet and the surviving dark elves into hibernation for many thousands of years, until a calculated time when he was ready to avenge the universe and turn light once more into darkness. Malekith and the dark elves will prove to be formidable enemies with a violent and personal history with Asgard.

So Thor will have even more weight put on his shoulders as he steps up as a potential ruler of Asgard. We’ll get to see Volstagg‘s family and Fandral will be even more of a ladies man this time around. Eccleston looks incredibly evil and menacing in the trailers as set photos we’ve seen, so it will be exciting to see all of the dimensions he brings to the film’s villain. What do you think about the various quotes? Are you getting excited as we get closer to the November 8th release?

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