Chris Claremont’s X-Men Project Is Indeed An Ongoing NIGHTCRAWLER Series


nightcrawler coverJust the other day Marvel released one of their now infamous one word teasers for a new series in the Marvel NOW! line coming this April from Chris Claremont and artist Todd Nauck. The word chosen for the teaser was “Bamf!” and many fans immediately figured it would be a Nightcrawler project of indeterminate length. Well they were right and the series will be an ongoing monthly title. Marvel.Com posted some sketches from Nauck as well as a few words from the creative team.

The series will see Nightcrawler truly coming back to the land of the living and adjusting to the changes in the world since his death. Wolverine will be joining Nightcrawler on his adventures into the brand new world in which he finds himself, helping him understand what exactly is going on. Things like Cyclops becoming a mutant rebel leader, Charles Xavier dying, and Wolverien being a schoolteacher are things Kurt Wagner will have to deal with. Said Claremont of the change Kurt has the hardest time coping with:

The one that comes most markedly to my mind is that Kitty [Pryde] appears to have gone over to the ‘dark side’ by leaving the school and joining up with Scott’s group. To Kurt, without an explanation from Kitty herself, it would seem a fundamental violation of character, something she would never have done especially [in] Excalibur. Presumably one of his major goals would be to find out directly from her the truth behind her decision.
[On the relationship with Wolverine and the journey they take] If we presume that the Kurt who returns to the land of the living is fundamentally the same man who departed years ago, why would the experience affect his friendship with Logan at all? If anything, given how the two of them relate, it might cherish their time together as friends and teammates all the more. By the same token, it might also fundamentally affect how Kurt relates to combat; knowing there is an afterlife and an implicit judgment of the individual soul might make him more reluctant to take another’s life, or it might make him even more determined to protect the innocent. Either way, it gives the storyteller something nice to play with.

Marvel also unveiled some character sketches and the cover to the first issue by Todd Nauck. You can check out all the beautiful art below. You can read a little from the artist on designing the new series by clicking the source link. What do you think about Claremont and Nauck tackling a Nightcrawler ongoing? Will you be picking this up in April?




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Source : Marvel