death of wolverineThere have been rumors for well over a year now that Marvel was planning on giving Wolverine a dirt nap. When the ragin’ Canadian lost his healing factor, fans started thinking those rumors might just pan out to be true. Well this weekend at C2E2 Marvel confirmed that the divisive mutant would indeed be dying. The publisher announced the four-issue series Death of Wolverine from writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven. After the events of Paul Cornell‘s Three Months To Die, Wolverine will have his final adventure…for a little while at least.

Speaking with CBR at C2E2, Soule says that readers can jump right into his four-issue event without any prior knowledge of Cornell‘s series or any Wolverine stories that came before. He explained:

Paul has been doing some killer work on the main series, particular in his development of the idea that Wolverine has lost his healing factor. That concept also plays a significant role in the “Death of Wolverine story.” That said, that is literally all you need to know in order to read this story. While I’m going to be weaving in a bunch of Wolverine’s history from the past 40 years of publishing (and 100+years or so that he’s been alive in fictional terms), I’m taking great pains to ensure that anything I bring up, whether it’s a character familiar from Logan’s history or a location that has some meaning to him, is explained within this story.
I think continuity can be a very valuable tool, but I never like to alienate a reader by implying that there’s something outside the four corners of the issue that they “need” to read in order to understand any of my stories. This will be a standalone, awesome adventure that will be enhanced if you know earlier Wolvie stories. I’d definitely suggest folks seek them out, because Logan has had some amazing books in his day, but they’re not strictly necessary.

As for the story itself, Soule is staying tight-lipped for now. The title kind of gives the end game away but the writer wants to save a few surprises until we get a little bit closer to the September release of the first issue. The only hints he would give about the story structure does give us a decent idea of what’s in store though. He told the site, “Each issue focuses on a different era or “aspect” of Wolverine’s history. So, one issue focuses on the Origin-type vibe, while other issues look at other periods. It’s all built around the idea that Wolverine, for once, is truly vulnerable. He’s doing what he can to survive until, hopefully, one of his genius buddies in the MU is able to figure out how to turn his healing factor back on. Logan has always been a magnet for violence, though, and this story is no exception. He can withdraw from society, try to hide away — and he does — but that’s not going to work forever. There’s an overarching story that’s bigger than just the premise, but it’s still early days, and I’d rather wait to start getting more specific until we get a bit closer to the issues hitting the stands.

You can read everything the writer had to say by clicking the source link below. Wolverine has taken over the X-books the last few years, so obviously his departure will have ripple effects for months to come. Then again, death never seems to be too permanent in comics. What do you think about Wolverine tripping the light fantastic? How long do you think he’ll stay dead?

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