Chad L. Coleman Throws His Hat In The Ring To Play Luke Cage


cage bannerWith Marvel lining up new heroes for Phase Three like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, it’s only a matter a time before we hear about even more new characters getting their own shot at a solo movie. Two characters who have had their names tossed around for movie appearances is Black Panther and Luke Cage. While there hasn’t really been any reliable news on either of those fronts in a while, Chad Coleman recently expressed interest in bringing Cage to life.

Speaking with MTV at C2E2 in an interview posted this week, The Walking Dead actor expressed his genuine enthusiasm about the character and talked about how it would be a dream role. You can see the full video below, but if you’re outside the US a brief transcript follows:

I wanna play Luke Cage. I’ll put it out there right now, I want to play Luke Cage! I’m going to be working on trying to develop that. Gale Anne Hurd, I know you’re listening. I’ll see you in Atlanta. I know we haven’t talked about this yet, but I would love to play Luke Cage…When I started to embody Tyreese, it really got the wheels turning. I admire what Robert Downey Jr. is able to do with Iron Man. I admire it when it’s done a certain way. There’s always got to be a gravity. It can’t be cheesy, you know, unless we’re doing a comedy with it. I really feel like I could take that on.

Coleman has some stiff competition for the role. Other actors like Idris Elba, Tyrese Gibson, IsaiahMustafa, The Rock, and Terry Crews have expressed interest in the role or have had there names mentioned in discussions about who to cast. You can click over to MTV to hear Coleman‘s thoughts on a Walking Dead movie as well. What do you think about Coleman being a Hero for Hire? Could you see him going from roles in The Wire and Walking Dead to the Marvel movie universe?




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Source : MTV