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maxresdefaultNot long ago, it was announced that Fox had ordered a new series that would be centered in Gotham City, with a young Jim Gordon at the center. The series will be taking place during the early days of Gordon’s career, before he forms a working relationship with The Dark Knight. We know that Batman won’t be making an appearance in the series, but they did say that some familiar faces would likely show up. So, CBT’s Warriors Three have decided to tackle this character as our next casting project. From what we know, this character will be a much younger version than I think we’ve seen in any film, taking place even before the events in Batman Begins (yes, I know, they aren’t connected, just wanted to give you an idea of how far back we’ll be headed). We also know, that with Batman, or possibly even before Bruce Wayne, makes an appearance, Gordon will be the main character, so for him to keep our attention, an actor with some serious talent must be acquired, and I think we’ve put together a pretty good list here.

movies_filth_on_set_pictures_2Jake: My first choice for a young Jim Gordon is Jamie Bell. I saw him early on in my search and kept writing him off, because I would find something wrong. However, I kept coming back to him and the more I thought about it the more I liked it. Bell is an extremely talented actor, with great movies like Billy Elliot and The Adventures of Tintin under his belt. He has a naive almost innocent look to him, but also has a bit of an edge too him as I found out in my Google Image search, which is the perfect for a young Gordon who is coming to the rough streets of Gotham.

Cody: He’s 27, so that’s a decent age for this young Gordon. I think he looks TOO YOUNG though. Maybe a mustache will age him up a little and make him look more…let’s go with distinguished. Then again, they may be going really young with Gordon. I’m not saying no, I’m just saying let’s table this motion until we hear more about the series.

Josh: Jamie Bell. Last time I saw him in a flick it was The Eagle, alongside Channing Tatum. Bell, along with Donald Sutherland, was the stand out in that film. I think he may falter from the same issue that one of my choices, Jim Sturgess does, and that is he may have too young a look to pull the character off. I have no issue with his talent, however.

2005_girlinthefireplaceCody: My pick for a younger Jim Gordon for the Gotham TV series would be David Tennant. It’s no secret I’m a big Doctor Who fan, but even with that bias aside it’s easy to see Tennant is a great actor; before and after his time on Who he has played cops in TV miniseries and specials. He has a presence on screen that demands respect, plus he can play a weary man who has been beaten down by the world well. That’s essentially Gordon until Batman comes along and gives him hope that things can get better. He does his best but he knows he can’t do it alone. Tennant could portray the many different facets of the character well and you could buy that he “grows up” to be the Gordon we know. Tennant is currently 42 but he could play a little younger or even older if it was required. His American accent isn’t too shabby either.

Josh: I’m actually a fan of Tennant and would love to see him tackle a Gotham resident, but I’d rather see him play The Riddler. But if he were to be cast as Jim Gordon, I wouldn’t be ticked. He’s an actor that likes to take on challenging roles and I have no doubt that Gordon will be just that. We’ve always seen him alongside Batman, and in order for this series to work, the lead has to be strong and I think Tennant could pull it off.

Jake: Dear lord Cody Doctor Who much? No, I like the choice he could for sure pull of the look of Gordon. My only real reservation when it comes to Tennant would be his ability to pull of the American accent. He also has a new show that comes out soon in Broadchurch. While it will test his ability to convince people he can be American, there is always a possibility the higher ups will want more of the mini-series which could take him completely out of even thinking about playing Gordon.

normal_Daniel_Gillies010Josh: As with my past choices, I look to a couple actors that are a bit odd and obscure. First up is Daniel Gillies, who some people will know from the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries, and its spin-off The Originals. Gillies also appeared in Spider-Man 2 as Jonah Jameson’s son. What I like about him is that he’s got that “rough-and-tumbled” look to him that Jim Gordon is known for, even when portrayed in his younger years. I know that he is coming off a series full of teenage angst, but he’s easily the best actor in the group. I am surprised he hasn’t been picked up for bigger and better things yet.

Cody: Not a horrible choice. I didn’t know you were such a Vampire Diaries fan, but to each their own I guess. Little too much of a pretty boy in my opinion. If you could schlub him up, give him a wild stache and pair of glasses, then maybe.

Jake: I like the choice, body of work isn’t that long, but it’s not terrible. He really stood out to me in Spider-Man 2 as John Jameson, and his work on The Vampire Diaries isn’t bad either.  The only real issue I see an issue I have talked in length about with the guys, and that’s the fact that he is older, 37 to be exact. However, that isn’t

Thomas-Gibson-Hotch-Criminal-Minds-CBSCody: My second pick for Gordon is Thomas Gibson. He’s 50 but could easily play younger. I hear young Gordon but I still picture a little bit older of a guy. I can’t see a young fresh faced Gordon. I can see a pre-Commissioner Gordon, but I don’t see recent academy graduate Gordon. I think Gibson could bring the gravitas and seriousness to a “younger” Gordon while still making us believe we’re just a few years out from what we already know about his dealing with the Caped Crusader. Gibson is fantastic on Criminal Minds, but you could run into the problem of him just carrying that role over for Gordon. I think he could change it up enough that people wouldn’t feel like it’s the same-old-same-old. Give him a mustache, some glasses, and a trench coat and you’ve got Gordon.

Jake: I am going to have to say no to Thomas Gibson. I give it to you Codizzle, he looks young, but he is over 50. This is going to be a show about Gordon before the Bat. Let’s say that the show goes on for a modest 6-7 years. That would put him at around 57-58, and then he is still going to go on for an abundant number of years as Batman’s trusted crime confidant? I wouldn’t buy it, and I’m not sure viewers would too. I love his work, but this one is just too old.

Josh: I like this idea actually. But I’d say he’d be a better Jim Gordon for the upcoming Batman films that are hopefully on the way. He’s great in Criminal Minds, and I think playing a similar character could play to his advantage, especially in a darker, Gotham-set character. I usually try not to let the age thing deter me from liking a character, but I think he’s too far over.enough to get him disqualified from getting the role and would support it if it were to happen.

MV5BMjE5OTUwODg2Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzQ5NTc5OA@@._V1._SX640_SY426_Jake: My second choice for Gordon is Jared Padalecki. I know this won’t really be a popular choice, and I get the knocks that some people have. He’s too tall, not that great of an actor, etc, but Padalecki has carved out a nice little career for himself on the small screen. For a TV show that doesn’t necessarily need a lot of star power, using him to don the stache and glasses would get the show where it needs to go.

Josh: I like Padalecki, actually; been a fan of Supernatural for a while. I even enjoyed him in that disaster of a remake of Friday the 13th. But Padalecki’s look and style just doesn’t lend well to Jim Gordon. His moose-like build (love you Crowley!) is just too much for me. I wouldn’t hate to see him take on a comic book character in the future, I just don’t think it’s this one.

Cody: I think he looks more like he’d be out on the streets fighting crime in tights than a police uniform. Gordon, to me, is kind of a normal guy who is trying to fight against criminals and corrupt cops. Padalecki could be a host shot policeman who gets inspired by the vigilantes and branches off to do his own thing, but I don’t see him in the stache and glasses.

jim_sturgess_2011_08_21Josh: My number two choice would require the jump from the big screen to the small, but that’s not so unusual these days. Jim Sturgess is a bit of an odd choice; maybe a little too odd. Despite him being 35 years old, Sturgess looks much younger, this may go against him. But Sturgess is a fantastic young actor and can rock a mean mustache. He’s been in several big films, but has never really become the major player, which I think plays in his favor. Sturgess has a knack for the dramatic roles, and I’d be intrigued to see what he could do with an established character like Gordon.

Cody: I actually like this one. I’d borrow my schlub it up line from your last pick again, but I could see him being Gordon.

Jake: Meh, I’m indifferent to the idea of Sturgess. He’s not a terrible actor, but I could see someone better playing him. Also I have a hard time believing he would make the jump to doing television since he still has somewhat of a movie career going. Usually actors will make the jump from small screen to big screen when they are young, and the go back towards the ends of their careers. Wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if it happened, however there are better actors out there.

Obviously, we’d need a more definite timeline to better gauge the actor needed to fill the role. But we’ve got a good list of actors here, ranging from the mid-20’s all the way up to 50, so I think we have the spectrum covered. I can’t speak for my two colleagues, but I think this concept is an uphill battle that won’t be easy: a series about Gotham crime without Batman? Will definitely take some getting used to. And as I mentioned above, it will take a special talent to kepp this one afloat. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but time well tell.

What are your thoughts? Is there someone on this list you like? Or do you have someone else in mind for the part? As always, be sure to check back for more news on this upcoming series as well as more casting tidbits from CBT’s Warriors Three!


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