CBT Crew Reviews: THE WALKING DEAD : Inmates


Hello loyal readers, we are back with another review of the newest episode of The Walking Dead: Inmates.

I thought it was a cool episode, although I wanted to see more action, I enjoyed it. How about that last scene? Pretty cool right?

Check out what the fine gentlemen from Comic Book Therapy have to say about this episode:

Cody Ferrell:

I thought it was a step up from last week’s episode. That was more of a slow burn about characters and the prison aftermath, but this one was more straightforward action and drama. Lizzie is a psychopath and should be stopped. Glenn got the spotlight all to himself which was nice. The thing that got me most excited were the final two minutes or so. I’m a big fan of the guy with the mustache. Both the character and the actor.


Kevin Finnigan

I really liked the blend of action and character driven moments. Everyone got a chance to develop in some shape or form which can fall by the wayside when Rick or Carl are in the episode. But seriously, Lizzie smothering a baby?! Moments like that excite me, because puts the focus on that the real threat are the people and not the zombies. I like when zombies are looked upon as a nuisance instead of a threat, and that is when the comics were the best. “After” was a good episode, but “Inmates” makes me truly excited for next Sunday.


Josh Johnson:
As much as I like Rick, Daryl and Michonne, it’s nice to see the focus turn to some of the other characters for a bit. I knew Lizzie was a few tacos short of a platter, but bitch be crazy! Don’t put anything small and helpless around her. The return of a certain character puts a twist on some things and the introduction of others makes me excited for more. This second half is sure to be a roller coaster, for many reasons.


Bobby Keough

The past episode delivered character development for everyone involved, and the acting was quite good throughout. Maggie’s near catatonic emotional state and her breakdown was extremely powerful to see, and Lizzie continues to exude sociopathic tendencies as she butchered the rabbits and almost smothered Judith. It is important to see how this world has negatively affected a child character, as though Carl is also messed up, he appears to not have succumbed completely to sociopathy. There was some welcome surprises as well, with Judith being alive, Carol showing up, Abraham popping in, and Tara teaming up with Glenn. It is always great to see characters other than Rick get serious story time, and this episode did not disappoint. The idea of a camp out there also looks to be a great potential story goal for the end of season four. Overall, keeping all the characters apart after the prison has been an excellent story decision, as it gives each character more moments to shine and lets them deal with different crises.


Chris Doucher

This week’s episode had great pace and a good balance of action and drama. Way better than last week. Getting them out of prison has definitely improved the series. Looking forward to seeing more of the challenges ahead. Plus, pretty certain Carol is now bat-sh*t crazy. Just saying.

There you have it folks, make sure you share your thoughts with us below.

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