Wow, creepy..Lizzy, what a messed up girl she is. But I guess that’s to be expected in the apocalypse.

Let’s see what my cohorts have to say about the episode The Grove

Bobby says: Definitely one of the most emotional episodes of the series so far. Like with “Still” a few weeks ago, this episode only focused on one group of post prison survivors, but definitely felt better executed for that purpose. Lizzie was such a great example to show how truly messed up the apocalypse world can make a person. We have had examples of the world affecting people for savage results (Shane, The Governor) and how it affects people with strong morals (Dale, Hershel, Rick), but Lizzie is a pure destruction of innocence. Carol trying to make Mika more protective and better at defense was sad because it was obvious that Carol did not want to have another Sophia situation. Her losing more children was devastating, and made her confession later in the episode all the more powerful since she most likely did it out of a willingness to die. Also, that opening was very well shot and set the tone for the creepiness and despair to come. Overall, a great stand alone episode that once again shows why this series can be so great because it is truly a morality play that deals with humanity’s darkest hours and the grim consequences that can arise from those encounters.

Cody weighs in: Arguably one of the best episodes of not only the season, but the series as a whole. I was ready to label the back half of this season as “The Farm 2.0” because it was so oddly paced and had long stretches of nothingness, but this episode really, really picked things up. I was surprised there wasn’t more tension between Carol/Tyreese before the confession, but it worked out in the end. Of Mice and Men in a zombie apocalypse turned out to be a truly scarring and emotional story. A lot of things from the prison got resolved with the Psycho Lizzie story, and it was nice to see things start shocking us again.

Jake thinks: This episdoe was really good heart wrenching stuff. They have been playing the fact that Lizzie is crazy up for a while now, and this episode we got a lot of answers. One of which is we find out just how crazy she is. Both of the little girls, Brighton Sharbino as Lizzie and Kyla Kenedy as Mika, did a fantastic job in the episode. We also got some much needed time with Tyresse. All and all this is what The Walking Dead is all about. Lulling you about with some sweet sincere moments, and then blowing your mind with some really crazy stuff.

My only complaint is that while this episode was amazing, it still does nothing to move the season forward as a whole. But that’s a real minor complaint since the episode as a whole was pretty spectacular.

Ecksman chimes in: Hey Scott Gimple, George RR Martin called, he wants his story back. FINALLY! An episode that had some gusto! While I get what they’ve been doing the back half of this season, giving us the much desired back-story on several characters, the flow of the season has suffered because of it. This is easily the best episode of the season, if not the series so far. We all knew the direction it was headed, but who really knew it’d end like that?

Kudos to the cast, the writers and everyone involved. That was a shockingly emotional ride that will have lasting effects on everyone involved, both inside the story and out. Also, those extra-crispy walkers were wicked awesome. A new take on a stale zombie. Loved it.

Kevin rounds things out with his thoughts: Jesus Christ. All I can say is, “Tell me about the rabbits George.”

This was just all around great stuff. It was a great contained episode, a great episode that kept the overall plot going, but also a good metaphor for the entire series. No matter how hard you try, you will never be normal in this world. This is going to be an episode that I remember for quite some while. Stellar acting from everyone, with especial credit to Melissa McBride an the gut wrenching deaths. I’m sure I held back a tear or two through this episode. “The Grove” is up there as one of the best Walking Dead episodes so far.


Well know you know what the CBT crew thought of The Grove, but what did you think?


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