CBT Crew Reviews THE WALKING DEAD Episode 412 “Still”


A Daryl Dixon episode? Hmmm..

When fans of the most beloved redneck on TV learned that they were going to witness an episode that explored Daryl’s past, the world stopped on its axis. Daryl Dixon is one of the best characters on AMC’s The Walking Dead and has a huge following. But did the episode “Still” lived to its expectations? Lets have the gentlemen of CBT share their thoughts with the internets:

Thanks to our friends from The Daily Dead for the image.

Thanks to our friends from The Daily Dead for the image.

Cody Ferrell:

To me, this was the worst episode of the season. Completely put the brakes on everything that has been building up. There was some great work by Norman Reedus for the entire thing, I’ll be the first to admit that, but his pre-apocalypse story was rather anti-climatic considering how they’ve been hyping it since the first episode this season. I call episodes like this “Tumblrs.” They’re just fan-service episodes involving the most popular character that really don’t do much other than give you a lot of screen time with the most popular character.

Jake Lester:


Fans have been wanting a Daryl centric episode for a while now, and they got it. Only for it to be hijacked by Beth and her never ending pursuit to have one drink. Overall I though the episode was pretty weak. It killed the momentum we had in finding out what this safe haven might be. However, the second to last segment was really well done. Not only in terms of writing and overall general creation, but Emily Kinney (Beth) and Norman Reedus (Daryl) did an amazing job of pouring a lot of emotion into the scene. That one scene saved the episode from being a total stinker.

Bobby Keough:

I think this may have been the weakest of the second half of this season so far because it only managed to follow Beth and Daryl with no one else being focused on. The first half had some great zombie and horror moments with the golf course, but did feel a bit aimless and slow at times. However, the second half made this episode end up being a worthy addition, as there was some great character development for both Daryl and Beth. I loved seeing that Daryl was a nobody during the pre-apocalypse who was so pathetic and without purpose that he could get shot over a kid’s cartoon, while Beth had everything and had an actual life ahead of her. Their contrast and how it shaped them really worked into the scenes, and these moments helped to make Beth more than just a potential walker victim in the future and once again gave great depth to Daryl Dixon. The scene where Daryl and Beth had the shouting match felt so real and organic as these two different people came to terms with their grief over losing people. I have said it before but it needs to be restated that Scott Gimple taking over for this show is a great thing because he seems to really understand that the characters and their development as people takes precedence over the zombies in terms of focus. Finally, that opening moment with the car trunk was filmed and set up masterfully, exhibiting horror, claustrophobia, and fear all while never showing one walker.

Josh Johnson:

Easily the most uneventful episode in recent memory. Who’d have thought that an episode that centered on Daryl “Damn” Dixon would be so boring? We finally get to see some back story on one of the most popular characters of the series, only to find out he was just a redneck. It was so obvious, we didn’t see it. Poorly handled. The last quarter of the episode picked up quite a bit, as my cohorts have said. It was nice to see Beth actually have something to do for once; she and Daryl shared a few powerful moments that were easily the highlight of the episode. Their relationship was taken to a new level, hopefully just platonic. There were a few hints it could be more, so I’m hoping they don’t go down THAT path.

What did you think about episode 412?

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