One more episode left! Yes ladies and gentlemen, one more and the horrible waiting game begins. Episode 415 “Us” was a good episode, I wouldn’t call it the best, but it was enjoyable. I think there was too much going on, and I was expecting to see shocking stuff and thiiings, but maybe next time.

Daryl is having a hard time with his new companions, the marauders, and the tension was obviously there. I thought they were gonna beat him up at some point. Now you might think, why he didn’t leave them? Well because they were going to kill him if he did. He is outnumbered so he has to put up with them for a bit. How long? Who knows.

We finally saw Terminus, which without a doubt is the home of the cannibals. Mary is one creepy lady, and that meat she was cooking ain’t from a cow I’ll tell you that.

Anyways let’s see what the CBT Crew has to say about the episode:


Bobby Keough: The thing about this episode I liked the most would have to be the fun factor that showed a few times. Whether it was Rosita hitting Abraham with the car seat, Eugene talking about video games, Maggie and Glenn reuniting, or even Carl and Michonne having a contest for a candy bar, there was a sense of hope and fun to the proceedings. I think this is the perfect set up to use before a huge event that could be extremely depressing or traumatizing. Seeing Maggie and Glenn reunite was a great surprise because I legitimately believed Tara was about to be killed off. Daryl’s time with the other group was not wasted either, as it gave a great look at a unique “moral” code in the new world, which is the idea of claiming what is yours and an old fashioned punishment system for those who break the laws. I continue to love Carl and Michonne’s bonding time, and seeing Rick Grimes pop a smile is something that is long been deserved for the world weary character. Overall a great way to set up what is sure to be an interesting finale, and I highly doubt Terminus will be any type of utopia. My guess is that meat that is being served is of the human variety, and not from any type of animal.

Kevin Finnigan: This had to be one of the better pre-season finale episodes. Putting the chess pieces in order felt natural instead of forced. I really liked Darryl’s story, as it worked great as a metaphor for how far he has come as a character. This entire group was a look into the future if he had stayed with Meryl and was an asshole to everyone. Maggie and Glenn’s reunion was very sweet, and a nice addition amongst the gloom of last week. And for once, no one did anything stupid! People made smart, tactical decisions when confronted with zombies. Teasing Terminus a little at the end was a nice move to get people ready for next Sunday. Overall, a great episode.


Josh Johnson: While this wasn’t the most fast-paced episodes we’ve seen, it was well done. I see it as a calm before the storm. I posted an article on Saturday that says the finale will be “savage,” so I think they want everyone to gain a bit of a sense of security as they all gather at Terminus, only to have it all completely unravel.

It’s interesting to see Daryl put in such a vulnerable situation, one that we’ve never seen before, aside from the death of his brother. He’s in a new environment and he’s not sure what to expect. Over all, a great episode and I can’t wait to see it all come crashing down next week.

Cody Ferrell: The Grove and this episode have been the only ones worth writing home about in the back half of the season. Really did a good job of balancing the characters, drama, a little humor, and some plot as we get ready for the finale. Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene have been criminally underused, so it was nice for them to get a lot of screentime this week. Daryl is fitting in surprisingly well with his new group, even beyond his obvious “act” to just stay alive and get further down the road. Finale prediction? One word: cannibals.

Chris Doucher: This had to be one of the best episodes of the season. I can’t stress enough just how happy I am they have left that prison in the dust. No pun intended. It was such a drag on so many great characters. This season has done a great job of delving a lot of the people we think we knew, but really didn’t. Terminus was great to see at the end of this episode. It was a little too quiet for my liking though. You just know that some major sh*t is going to go down.

I like the direction they’re taking Daryl and I’m just hoping that in the end, he doesn’t turn his back on his main group.

As for what to expect from the finale? I can’t make any predictions. I just hope that Eugene tells someone how to stop the disease before he gets it. I keep waiting for him to die….you just know it’s coming. (insert evil laugh here)

Stay tuned for our review of the final episode next week!

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