CBT Crew Reviews THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Finale


It finally happened, Rick Grimes is back with a vengeance!


The last episode of season four aired last night and besides shattering some records, it left some fans wanting more.

Rick had a brutal scene as we witnessed, and it was brought out straight from the comic book. I’m surprised AMC got away with it. Well maybe not too surprised.

I must say that although I was expecting a shocking ending or some main characters dying, I understand why they didn’t. Killing a major character would’ve been too predictable, and if we know something about The Walking Dead is that it never turns out the way you expect.

But where’s Beth? I think she is safe with that priest from the comic named Gabe , or she’s been eaten already. I guess we will have to wait until October to find out!

Anyways we finally learned what Terminus and it’s occupants are all about, like we said last week these people are cannibals and they are really organized. What will happen in season five? Hopefully it will have more action and more content from the comic books.

Let’s see what our fine gentlemen at CBT have to say about the finale:


I thought this was a much better finale than season three, and sets up for the viewer to remain invested in season 5. First off, it was great to see Rick be the center focus in the episode, and it featured the return of the Rick who will do anything to protect his people. The flashbacks were sad in showing what had been lost but also effective because we can see Rick is not simply a bad or good man; he is a person who isn’t “too far gone” but is ready and willing to keep away any walker or human that is a threat. He isn’t as hopeful and pacifist as Hershel, but he also does not contain the all out savagery showcased by The Governor and Shane.

The quiet moments were nice as well, as Daryl and Rick bonded more, and Michonne confessed her dark past to Carl. Seeing the comics moment with the Marauders play out was very well done, with a few shots actually coming right from the comic. Rick’s actions were extremely brutal and reminded us of the dark things our protagonist is capable of. As for the ending, there was an effective and tense air created as the Terminus people were exposed, and I honestly though Carl may die in the final minutes. The last moments in the train car were great to me personally because not only do we see a reunion, but because it left the season on a hopeful tone. We see Rick optimistic about the group’s chances and how working together they would not be messed with. I am also happy that no one died just because it was a finale episode, as deaths should be utilized when it helps the plot and not just as shock value.

It is frustrating in a way to see no resolution to Beth’s situation, and Carol and Tyrese are still out there, but I do believe they will aid somehow in the great escape regarding Rick and company. Overall, I found this episode an effective end to the season, and I am looking forward to next October to see the cannibals realize how they screwed with the wrong group.


Great episode, but it had a rather lackluster ending. Nice to see the Deliverance-like scene adapted from the comics so well. Glad to see they didn’t pull any punches with Rick’s brutality. That’s really a turning point for the character and sets up a lot of things to come. Abraham and company are still criminally underused and I’m not sure why. Lot of great foreshadowing with the rabbit trap little speech that circled back around during the final 10 minutes or so. This season has been hit and miss overall, but things started to really click in the final 4 or 5 episodes.



This episode was a very fitting close to this season. There were some really high points and some really low points. I really enjoyed 3/4 of it and then we hit the final ten or so minutes and it deflated. It ramped up rather nicely to a very dramatic and violent climax where the switch was flipped in Rich. That sequence was one of the better ones from the season and I feel they lost momentum.

When you have various people attached to the project repeatedly say the episode would be “savage,” it’d better live up to it and I didn’t feel it went too far beyond that. I enjoyed the episode and it certainly ended on a cliffhanger, but I felt a bit under-whelmed. Had this been the mid-season finale, I’d say it were perfect, but as a season finale…meh.

Scott Gimple teased that next season will be completely different and I hope he’s right. We finally got to see some back story on some key characters, but I feel the flow suffered from all the stories being told one after another rather than being spaced out more.

This episode was amazing, until it ended. No that’s not me putting some cute way me saying I wish I didn’t have to wait until season five to see more. I really feel a little bit cheated after investing a lot into this season.

The stuff up until the last five minutes was just perfect. Daryl finds some of his group again, Rick ripping throats out MacGrubber style and some really great character moments. What I feel cheated out of is two big storylines don’t even get mentioned other than Daryl “lost” Beth. What’s going on with Tyreese, Carol and Judith? Maybe we didn’t need to completely resolve those stories, but they should be referenced some how.

Overall though I loved how they flipped the script and had you on pin and needles and then nothing happened. I love that Rick is starting to come back around to the “Snapin neck. Cashin Checks” Rick that we all know a love.

Well, there you have it. Share your thoughts with us below.

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