CBT Crew Reviews The Walking Dead Episode 411


If you haven’t seen the latest episode “Claimed”, be aware that this article contains SPOILERS! (Duh)


Finally we got to see Sergeant Abraham Ford in action and it was amazing!

Last nights episode was full of suspense that created a mixed bag of emotions for me. I honestly forgot I was watching The Walking Dead for a few minutes.

I was feeling happy for Michonne and Carl since they were having a fun and heartfelt conversation, and we got to see her smile and opened up a little bit more about her past.

Rick was finally going to rest and sleep for a couple of hours, I mean finally some peace! But then it hit me: THIS IS THE WALKING DEAD! No one is safe. So yeah, thanks for bursting my bubble Kirkman and company.


I really enjoyed the suspense in the scenes with Rick and the intruders (or maybe they are the hunters???) since it had me chewing my nails the whole time. Talk about horror and suspense, seriously I loved those scenes. I think of Jason Voorhes showed up it would’ve been great hehe.

Now the Glenn Vs Abraham fight was pretty cool, but I don’t know what was Glenn thinking, I mean he is still sick. Anyways Abraham Eugene and Rosita are a nice addition to the show, and it think we will get to see some fantastic scenes with them. My favorite character is Eugene. Why? MULLET! That’s why.


Jake Lester:

A little slower than the last couple of episodes, but enjoyed it. Good character development mixed with some intense moments between Rick and the intruders. Also like that they are dangling that we might get to see what caused the apocalypse even though it’s probably a farce. The new characters of Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita was a nice change of pace from the characters we deal with on a weekly bases, but I haven’t seen enough of Eugene and Rosita to make a definitive assessment.


Josh Johnson:

It was a mixed bag for me, full of extreme highs and lows. The scenes with Rick trying to escape the house were great and reminded me a lot of a classic horror film, for some reason. You knew the threat was there, but you never saw the face of the threat until the very end. We got a bit more back-story in Michonne and saw a more sensitive side when she went into the kid’s room to find…well, yeah. Not only that, but a bit of a humorous side as well.

Abraham, Rosita and Eugene will be a nice addition to a now thinned-out cast. I don’t expect much from the “cause” that Eugene is aware of, but it will give the writers something to flesh out in the coming weeks.

As a side note, I have a bad feeling about Daryl this season. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but…I dunno. He’s an original character, so we don’t know his fate from the comics like we do with the other characters. Wild card to say the least.


Bobby Keough:

This past episode was another effective source of character development that has really shined in season four since Scott Gimple took over. Gimple really wants to show his character’s motivations and sorrows at much as possible, and the potentially annoying characterizations of past seasons have been toned down or are now gone (ex: Lori, Andrea). Carl and Michonne’s interactions were both fun and yet quite heartbreaking as we see these two people bond over their family losses. Rick’s section with the intruders was filled with extreme tension and introduced more examples of how humans are the real threat in the post apocalyptic world. I would not doubt this group showing up again, as the man who saw Rick was not strangled but only knocked out by his attacker. Abraham is a great addition to the show because his character is so full of bravado and swagger, though I found his group’s scenes to be the least effective of the episode. The idea of Terminus is a great way to give an ending goal to this season for the characters to potentially reunite, and Eugene’s “classified” plan to end the zombie infestation adds another dynamic to the show’s overall plot. While the second half of season four has been slower in pacing, the richer characterization and new characters are certainly a welcome addition!


Cody Ferrell:
I’m glad to see that Abraham, Eugene and Rosita’s story seems to be following the source closer than anything we’ve seen done in the show before. Rick could have used Liam Neeson’s services during the whole ‘Taken’ segment, but that was a great level of drama and tension the show needed. It still feels like we’re watching an hour episode and only about 5 minutes of actual stuff happens though. I’m all for character development (Michonne), but you have to find a balance.

Kevin Finnigan:
I really liked “Claimed.” I think it’s one of my favorites of the season. The tension was built perfectly and kept the focus on the characters. The constant cut aways as we/Rick were about to see the guys in his house was a perfect metaphor for the faceless threat that Rick and the gang constantly face. The biggest point in the plus column were the choices made by the group. They were SMART. Rick staying silent and working out how to go about escaping was so nerve wrecking because every decision was logical in the viewer’s mind as well. Each episode handling a different group is really working for the show overall. I’m loving this half of season 4.

What are your thoughts? Did you enjoyed the episode?

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