The CBT Crew Reviews THE WALKING DEAD Episode 409


So how about that mid-season premiere? Pretty amazing right?

It’s no surprise that a lot of viewers tuned in to watch the most popular TV show, and this past Sunday over 15.8 million viewers were glued to their screens.

Last week I posted an overview of the episode “After” which you can read by clicking HERE, were I talked a little bit about what to expect from episode 409.

Now that the episode has aired we can freely discuss what events transpired in such episode.

I asked some of the members of the CBT crew what they thought about the episode, and here is what they had to say:

Jake Lester:
Overall I thought it was really good. With it being a Mid-season premiere I would have liked for them to touch on all the characters that left the prison. However, with as many of them as there was it probably would have ate up too much screen time. Michonne is finally getting some depth instead of just being a sword wielding bad-ass was much needed, as well as Carl ditching the whiny I hate my Dad attitude and realizing the benefit to having him around.


Josh Johnson:
It was a much different different episode than I had expected in that I was thinking we’d see scenes focusing on all of the now disbanded group, but it looks like we’re going to focus on two groups per episode for the next little bit, which is just fine. We FINALLY get to see some in-depth development for Michonne, which only adds to her awesome character. While I’m still not a huge fan of Carl, I was happy to see him get put in his place and take a big step in his growth.

And Hershel’s zombie head was VERY weird and creepy. I already miss that guy!


Bobby Keough
After the action and intensity of “Too Far Gone,” the show returned with a powerful character piece in “After.” It was a great showcase of how both Michonne and Carl tried to survive on their own without anyone else in the world. Carl’s teenage rebelliousness has an extra edge since he has had to grow up around death, despair, and losing the image of his father as a symbol of perfection and strength. The scene where he smiles at an HDTV complete with Xbox and videogames but then uses the HDMI cord as a door lock was a perfect reminder that the life of fun and innocence that this child once knew is dead. Michonne’s journey to rid herself of emotions and the possibility of being hurt again was also extremely well done, and her seeing a doppelganger walker in the herd she traveled with was a great visual touch. The flashback was disturbing in both its implications of Michonne’s past with her “lover” and son, and also for how the scene switched from trivial to terrifying. Overall, though less exciting and definitely a slower pace than other episodes of the series, “After” was a compelling character development addition with outstanding visual imagery that saw both Carl and Michonne realize how surviving isn’t really the same as truly living.

Kevin Finnegan
The Walking Dead needed an episode like “After.” One to let the audience and characters breathe for a few moments. Let the previous episode’s events sink in. I really liked “After,” as it took Rick out of the spotlight and gave others room to show their acting skills. Danai Gurira gave some great depth to Michonne. Carl had a few moments of being a complete idiot which took me out of the episode. I can’t pay attention to Carl being in trouble if I’m calling the zombie walking from behind him minutes before it’s happening. It was great to see some call backs to the comics as well. Not every episode can be full of action and death (contrary to what the Internet says about the show), and it looks like we will be seeing some slightly slower episodes coming up. I’m very excited for the second part of season four.


I really enjoyed this episode and I rank it with one of the best so far. Now, if you read the comics also, you definitely noticed that this episode was almost exactly as the comic book version, with some variations of course. Our friends over at The Walking Dead have an article which showcases these scenes, from panel to screen. Click HERE
to check it out.


Yes, yes I know there was no Daryl Dixon on this episode, but next week you will get plenty of Daryl so be patient.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section

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