CBT Crew Reviews THE WALKING DEAD “Alone”


I liked this episode. Even though it seemed like it was dragging, there were some things I really enjoyed. As soon as I saw that dog show up I thought that was the end of Daryl. Not that he was gonna die, but that Norman Reedus finally got his wish. He said he always wanted his character Daryl to have a dog and maybe walk away into the woods and disappear. Well apparently that isn’t happening (or is it?). When we encountered the group of marauders at the end, I was waiting for the main guy to introduce himself as “Negan”. Obviously that didn’t happen but can’t blame me for dreaming right? And who picked Beth? I bet is Gabriel, the priest from the comics.

Anyways, let’s see what my fellow misfits have to say about this episode.


Cody Ferrell:

This episode was just O.K. Had some better Daryl/Beth plot developments than the episode actually dedicated to them. It will be interesting to see if the group at the end, the same ones that were around Rick’s ‘house,’ are indeed The Hunters.

I’m glad there are just 3 episodes left, because if there were any more I’d probably just stop watching all together. The season started out so great but has completely crapped out in the last half. It’s like it’s a parody of itself. They were like “You know how people always make fun of the show as being super slow with only two minutes of action in the middle and an action-packed cliffhanger? Let’s just actually do that for every episode now.”

Josh Johnson:
Eh. They’ve done little to keep viewers interest in the back end of this season so far. This was better than last week’s episode, and for all the zombie kills and hordes we saw, I didn’t feel myself get pulled in. So far, these last few episodes have focused too much on decisions, hour-long decisions, and it’s taking a toll on the momentum.

I despise where they are going with Daryl and Beth. It’s borderline creepy. I still don’t trust Bob. What little back story we have on him doesn’t do much to help his credibility. With only three episodes left, I’m hoping they begin to ramp things up and send us off with a bang.

Bobby Keough:
First off, is the back half of this season slow? Yes it is, and it will not advance the overall plot much in that Terminus will probably be the ending point. It is also doubtful that all the groups will meet up potentially in time to be a big group by the end, which would be frustrating.

However, I have been a fan of the past 5 episodes because this show has always been to me about the survivors, and without deep and fully developed people what is the point of following them or caring about their survival? Seeing characters such as Maggie, Bob, and Sasha all now have development made me actually care when they all hugged and continued on their journey at the end of the episode. Knowing more about Beth besides her being a suicidal singer from the past made me care more when she was potentially abducted and I felt Daryl’s pain. It is interesting to see that Daryl is now with the group that stalked Rick in the house episodes back, and I liked the zombie scenes in the funeral home/the fog zombies that came out of anywhere. Was Daryl laying in that coffin a foreshadowing of death to come, or just a great use of visual imagery?

The interesting thing to see will be if this season ends with a type of cannibal arc like the comics, or if the group will all get together by the very end. I think the season has to end on a bigger bang in order to justify the many character building episodes that have made up this second half of the season.


Kevin Finnigan:
“Alone” was a better episode than “Still,” but still just ok. I don’t agree with most people on the internet who are claiming that this show has jumped the shark, but it could have used some work. Namely with Darryl and Beth. Their relationship doesn’t feel natural in any way. And since the two of them took up about half the episode, it brought down the quite good other half. The fog scene was tense and well shot. I like that the show is slowing down and focusing more on the characters. Bob needed an episode like this for us to properly care for him going forward. Entertaining episode overall.

Side note: wasn’t Glen sick?!

Jake Lester:
This just another good episode, not great. This one didn’t have anything to save it like “Still” did with Daryl and Beth’s emotional exchange.

The show has done a masterful job of “beating a dead horse.” Saying this may be blasphemes about a show you like, but the show was better when it only had about 6-12 episodes to work with. Other wise they tell the same story over and over again. Beth and Daryl’s adventure has been a bit of fresh air, but other than that the survivors are just walking the train tracks.

Another thing they have gotten away from is the group interacting as a whole. Part of the reason I fell in love with the show was watching the group interact, and that has been very minimal this season even when they were in the prison.

On a side note why isn’t Maggie concerned with where Beth is? I know Glen is her #1 priority right now, but she hasn’t once said, “Man I sure hope Beth is worth Glen.”

Like I said it was a good episode, but not great. Seems as if in true Walking Dead fashion, they are going to lull us to sleep and then have some big explosive season finale.

There you have it folks, what do you think about this season so far?

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