CBT Contest: Avengers Poster Quiz Answers And Results


Well after sifting through the entries, 5 lucky CBT’ers have won one of the limited edition Avengers posters from this weekend’s contest. You may remember that we were given 5 of only 50 limited edition posters to celebrate The Avengers success and to allow you to get some exclusive concept art wallpapers. Lunchbox and Wal-Mart still have exclusive Avengers desktop wallpapers that feature concept art from the smash-hit movie for a limited time only. Wal-Mart also has a pretty nifty Augmented Reality App for free that puts you next to earth’s mightiest heroes. For the kids, they have Avengers masks featuring Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Hulk. You can download all four exclusive masks your kids can color and wear. You can still check that out, but here are the answers to the quiz. There were some tricky ones in there, but we couldn’t full you guys. CBT’ers are some of the smartest people when it comes to comic and movie knowledge, that’s just a statement of fact.

1. What did Tony Stark call Loki?
There were a couple of possible answers to this one- Reindeer Games, Shakespeare in the park, and you may remember after Thor took Loki Start told Thor not to touch “my stuff.”

2. What was the condition of Agent Coulson’s Captain America cards?
They were near mint with some slight foxing around the edges.

3. What was Dr. Banner’s secret?
He’s always angry

4. Thanos has wielded the Infinity Gauntlet featuring five gems. Name at least 3 of the gems- colors and names.
We had a few that named all the gems, very impressive guys and gals. Soul- Green; Time- Orange; Space- Purple; Mind- Blue; Reality- Yellow; Power- Red

5. Ant-Man (Hank Pym) was a founding member of The Avengers, but wasn’t in the movie. In the comics he created one of The Avengers fiercest foes- what is its name? Hint- it was featured in the free comic book day issue.
That would be Ultron

Our winners were: Libbi, Tyler, Norwood, Matthew, and Todd.

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