Catch Up Time: Buffy and Angel


One of the best shows to come out of the 90s was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and her spin-off Angel.  They balanced fantasy and horror, but featured such real characters, it was hard to not love them.  It was a tragedy when Buffy was cancelled after seven seasons, but it had it’s time and ended on a high note.  Angel arguably ended on an even higher note, but ended way before it’s time.  But thank the Sky Bully, they have lived on in comics.  After splitting Season 8 for Buffy and, while not called it specifically, Season 6 for Angel, they have come together for Season 9.  And it may be one of the better Seasons for both.  And if you haven’t been reading, now is the time to catch up.  And that is what I’m here for. Time to play “Catch Up Time.”  I’ll touch up on key points, but leave some of the lesser points for you when you catch up.


At the time of this writing, nine issues have been released for Season 9.  Buffy has decided to move to San Francisco.  She moves in with some local hippies, and throws a party to celebrate.  In typical Buffy fashion, she gets blackout drunk.  Many of the classic characters appear, like Riley and Spike.  But she wakes up the next morning, naked, and not remembering a thing.  Willow’s and Buffy’s relationship hasn’t been the best as of late, with Buffy destroying magic at the end of Season 8.  Vampires, now that magic is gone, are turning into zombie like characters, lovingly called “zompries” by the Scoobies.  The police are onto Buffy as well, with one particular officer, Detective Robert Dowling, who seems to have a slight crush on the slayer.  After leaning on her friends yet again, Willow decides to leave San Francisco, with the broken scythe.  Willow believes it holds the key to restoring magic to the world.  Xander and Dawn are trying to stay away from the mystical side of the world, trying to be a normal couple.  But right after her friends make a clean split, Buffy learns some interesting news…..she is pregnant.  It must have happened at the party when she was drunk.  She doesn’t take the news well, thinking about running away with Spike for quite some time.  But she decides to have an abortion.  But not before she goes out to save her new love interest, Dowling.  In the act though, her arm gets torn off.  And she is revealed to be……A ROBOT!  It turns out that on the night of the party, Andrew and Spike switched Buffy’s conciseness into a Buffy-bot, because Spike had it on good authority that something is coming after her.  They put the original Buffy in the suburbs, and she is leading a normal suburban life.  No slaying.  It gives Buffy a hard look at herself and what she has become.

On the other side of the world, we have Angel and Faith in London, living in Giles old apartment.  Angel is still dealing with the news that, while he was possessed by Twilight, he killed Giles.  But he is determined to bring him back from the dead.  Angle’s plan involves collecting parts of Giles’ soul, then using a resurrection spell to bring his body back to life.  But he can’t do it alone.  Faith is going to have to help him.  And with the two of them knowing a great deal about forgiveness, why not the two of them together?  The two of them deal with Pearl and Nash, a duo that were in Twilight’s army.  They are none to happy about who Angel really is and what he has become.  They then have to deal with Faith and her ass hole of a dad.  Drusilla then comes back to town, but this time she is sane.  She has found a demon that takes away the tragic memories of a person, making them very happy.  But every so often, someone goes insane from this.  Angel and Drusilla discuss the ethics of this, and for once, it seems as if Angel is in the wrong.  A sane Drusilla is a very persuasive Drusilla.  With the recent visit from her dad though, Faith visits Drusilla, and has the demon remove all of the bad memories.  But Angel doesn’t see this as a great result, and kills the demon.  This throws the memories back into everyone’s minds.  Naturally, everyone is not happy at Angel.  But this is who Angel has always been; the guy who does what needs to be done, even if everyone hates him.  While all of this is going on, Angel has been slowly gathering the shattered pieces of Giles’ soul.  He is starting to act more and more like Giles, like having tea and using glasses (and cleaning them every so often).

Andrew Chambliss (Buffy the Vampire Slayer show) has been writing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with Season 8 artists George Jeanty penciling the majority of Season 9 so far. Buffy the Vampire Slayer #10 is out on 6/13.

Christos Gage (Avengers Academy) has been writing Angel & Faith, while Rebekah Isaacs has been penciling the majority of the issues.  Angel & Faith #10 is out this week (5/30)

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