Carnage Gets A Superior Mini-Series This Summer


carnageMarvel wants you to know they have the market cornered when it comes to having books with “Superior” in the title. You have Superior Spider-Man of course, but the company recently announced a new book called the Superior Foes of Spider-Man. That book will focus on a b-list league of villains going about their daily lives. If that wasn’t enough, the publisher also announced a new Carnage mini-series with that all important adjective included. Superior Carnage will hit stores this July. The five-issue event will be written by Kevin Shinick with art from Stephen Segovia. The writer spoke with the LA Times about the upcoming series.

Shinick has written comics before with Avenging Spider-Man, but he is best known as the Emmy winner who runs Cartoon Network‘s MAD as well as writing and performing on Robot Chicken. The scribe touched on where we find Cletus Kasady/Carnage and how the Wizard will use them in a similar fashion as how the government uses Agent Venom:

We’re picking up pretty much where we left off – Cletus is in an undisclosed location, in a prison, guarded, but he is catatonic. I’ve decided that, kind of like and inspired by the way the government and the Avengers have used Venom and turned him into Agent Venom, that the Wizard has gotten the idea that if he can harness Carnage and convert him into sort of an agent evil, that it would be even more wicked and more ridiculous than turning Venom into an agent. So it’s kind of like Frankenstein’s monster. He wants to harness this power, but use it for evil. The problem being, it is Carnage. And without even Cletus in there, we’re talking just pure symbiote and pure chaos. So the question is, can the Wizard contain this, or will it be like Frankenstein’s monster and will he suffer the consequences?

There will be some humor to it, but Shinick says it will have a lot of horror aspects as the Wizard tries to control the Carnage symbiote. The team promises this is nothing you’ve seen before. This is an all new Carnage who is more chaotic than he’s ever been:

I think Stephen and I are trying to add another layer to this, which is interesting because he’s already been stripped away a layer by taking out his humanity, by lobotomizing Cletus Kasady. I think we’d like the reader to look at this and take away the fact that we’ve started from scratch, in a sense, with a brand-new Carnage because he’s just the symbiote, and with a brand-new look.

You can read the full interview with the writer by clicking here. Carnage has been thriving in the mini-series format. Carnage USA was a huge hit and the more recent Minimum Carnage was also fairly well received. It will be interesting to see how this new direction Shinick is planning plays out. What do you think? Will you be checking this one out?

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Source : LA Times Hero Complex