CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Writers Talk Crossbones, Agent 13, And Steve Rogers’ Memories


captain america bannerYesterday turned into Captain America: The Winter Soldier day. An absolutely stunning four-minute trailer hit featuring our first real look at Batroc the Leaper, some behind the scenes images were released, and the second wave of set visit reports started popping up. We covered a lot of ground yesterday, but now some new from group chats with the movie’s writers have started making the rounds. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor: The Dark) touch on Brock Rumlow‘s (Frank Grillo) journey to become the villainous Crossbones, what sort of role Agent 13 plays in the film, and just what introducing the Winter Soldier means to Steve Rogers.

crossbonesScreen Rant had the rundown of the group chat with the writing duo and what all they had to say about the fast-approaching and highly-anticipated sequel. The question about Frank Grillo‘s Brock Rumlow eventually came up. Rumlow is better known to comic fans as the deadly Crossbones. The actor, as well as the cast and crew, have been teasing the eventual transformation we’ll see Grillo undergo before he puts on the mask, but now the writers are adding a little more fuel to the fire. When asked about Crossbones possibly crossing into R-rated territory, McFeely says:

I would say he’s learning to be Crossbones in a way. With Frank Grillo, he’s a great actor. When he wants to, he can turn on this light that makes you think, “He’s out of his mind,” and I think somewhere down the line he will push past the R rating. He doesn’t in this movie, mainly because it’s PG-13, what are we going to do past an R? We can’t go past the PG-13. Taste of things to come? I don’t know if I’m leaking…

So it sounds like we can expect to see Grillo pop up somewhere else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe somewhere down the line if things go according to plan. Crossbones isn’t the only character getting set up in the movie. Sharon Carter, the one-time sister but more recently the niece of Peggy Carter, will be introduced as well. We haven’t seen much of Emily VanCamp in the role, but that will probably be remedied as we get closer to the April 4th release. Said the writing duo when asked about Agent 13′s inclusion in the story:

McFeely: She’s in the story.
Markus: Just another option for Captain America and for Steve Rogers to think about moving forward in his life.
McFeely: Sometimes when you see the casting announcement or how you guys try to out leak each other, there’s this building of information where everyone says” It’s over-stuffed with people! It’s this Spider-Man 3 thing you guys are going to do and nobody will be well serviced.” You’re trying to create a universe for Cap in the same way. Avengers was not over stuffed, right? You had a lot of people and they were all well-served and some of them have different roles. They plug in differently. It’s safe to say they plug in differently, so it’s you’re not servicing them all the same way.
Markus: It’s not everybody all riding around in the Mystery Machine.

winterFinally, the question about what exactly the introduction of the Winter Soldier will mean to Steve Rogers on a personal level was raised. Comic readers can probably guess what that will mean for the Captain in the movie and going forward in his future adventures, but Markus says that more than anything it ‘pisses’ on Steve‘s memories:

McFeely: Well, the Winter Soldier allows you to talk about trust, the things he thought he knew that he doesn’t know. What do I know about this century versus the past? He’s sort of a microcosm for the problem.
Markus: There’s a great negative image of Steve there. He was frozen for 70 years, he was alive for 70 years. I love the idea that he missed history and killed half the people from history. It’s such a betrayal of everything Steve holds dear. Can I swear on the internet?
You’re just pissing on his memories. It’s like, “You know those few sacred things you have? They are ruined.” Plus Winter Soldier is just so cool.

The Winter Soldier looks like he was ripped directly from a page of the comics, so it will be interesting to see his character arc in the film and where that leaves him for future movies. We’re getting closer and closer to the movie’s release and we still haven’t scratched the surface for a lot of things the Russo brothers are doing. What do you think about the writers’ comments?

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