CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Set Visit Highlights Include Cap’s New Fighting Style, Papa Nick Fury, And Much More


captain america bannerToday has turned into Captain America: The Winter Soldier day after the release of that epic four-minute long clip/trailer hybrid earlier. If for some odd reason you still haven’t seen that, click right here and rectify that immediately. Since then the second wave of set visits have hit. Many sites were lucky enough to attend, and we’ve poured through most all of them to bring you a few highlights. There are three new behind the scene stills, a new TV spot, and some interesting quotes from the cast and crew of the highly-anticipated sequel. So strap in and read on! For the entirety of the article we’ll be going with Collider’s version of things since they seem to have the most complete transcripts out there. And spoilerphobes rest easy. There isn’t anything here that will ruin your movie watching experience next month.

winter soldierWe’ll start things off with a few words from the film’s sub-titular villain, the Winter Soldier. Sebastian Stan returns for the sequel playing a completely different side of Bucky Barnes. The actor has been seen in a mask for the majority of the marketing blitz so general audiences won’t be spoiled about his identity. His voice will be changed slightly to obscure his identity as well. When asked if it would be a drastic change, Stan replied “Well, I guess you’ll see.” When the question was raised if it would be ‘Bane-esque,’ the actor quickly shot that down by adding “No. No…I guess that seems to be the most recent kind of thing where your brain goes to it. I was just happier to have a mask to not be doing all these weird facial expressions when I fought. At least, like, in the first sequence of the movie, you know, but I think it’s going to be very different than Bane.

After wondering about the Winter Soldier‘s look, fans are curious on whether or not we’ll see Bucky and Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) linked together romantically. The spying duo are usually pretty chummy in the comics. When asked about that possibility and whether or not we’ll see Bucky pick up the shield in later films, Stan said:

Well, one of the things that I think, you know, Marvel does so well and I think these films have done so well, is it just…there’s always these possibilities. There’s always that…you know, they don’t forget about that. They don’t forget about any of those little things that have had life in the comic books. So whether they’re going to take that somewhere or not, I don’t know, and I genuinely don’t know, but I think there’s enough there that you could point to it and kind of go, oh wait a minute. What it that? That makes sense. But I don’t think that’s generally going to be explored in this film.

falconFrom a new villain to a new hero, Anthony Mackie hosted what reads to be a hilarious roundtable with the assembled reporters. After saying that if he ended up being in Avengers: Age of Ultron he’d let people know by running through Times Square “butt-ass naked” with Avengers 2 tattooed across his chest, the actor was asked if he had any interaction with Black Widow. Mackie says there aren’t any really, but he did invent his own sub-plot that he played out in his own mind:

Well, I’ve put in this interesting sub-plot that Black Widow and I are in love with each other [laughter] and it’s working really well, so when you see the movie I hope you catch it because there are different scenes where I give it to her, a little chocolate love, like, “Pow!” and I think I’ve seen her return it, but I’m not sure. So I’ve been working on that sub-plot and I think it’s working out really well. [laughter]
You can’t tell her, because the thing is, if you do something like that for your character and I come to her and I say, “Listen, I’m working on this, work with me.” They have one of two options: they’ll say, “No,” or, they’ll tell the directors, and the directors will go to the producers, and the producers will say, “No.” We’ve got two weeks left now; they can’t cut it out, so… [laughter] That’s what I’ve been working on for the past three months.

The actor went on to say he did something similar with Sam Jackson‘s Nick Fury. Since the two actors look somewhat similar, Mackie said he played all of his scenes as if Nick Fury was his dad. That is in no way shape or form what is even hinted at in the movie, it’s just another one of those jokes Mackie liked to pull on set.

We’ll finish things off with the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, talking about Captain America‘s new fighting style. Since one year has passed between Avengers and The Winter Soldier, Cap has been doing little more than learning about the modern world and training his already enhanced body. The brothers talk about the transformation in Cap and leading man Chris Evans:

Anthony Russo: We relied on him a lot. We pitched him the idea of how we saw Cap transforming in this movie and how he’d been spending the past couple of years in terms of throwing himself into the modern world, training extremely hard. That was all stuff that really excited him, and he ran with it. I mean, he had to do a lot of heavy training for this movie and it wasn’t in his wheelhouse yet. I think that really got him going. Chris is great, we talk to him a lot and he understands the character really well. We talk to him a lot about how the character moves through these beats in the story, talked to him in the writing phase, talked to him a lot. He has a mind to direct himself, so he doesn’t think only from an actor’s point of view, he likes to approach things from a producer’s point of view or a director’s point of view, so it’s nice to talk to him about this stuff. He’s been very helpful in terms of how we craft the movie and the character.
Joe Russo: He’s a very clever actor. He really embraced the concept and the direction we were going. He worked his ass off in training. He trained for months. He’s in great shape for this film and he executes a lot of the fighting on his own, which is great because that’s like what I was talking about with The Raid, and the visceral quality of seeing the actual actor executing the fighting in the movie makes it more engaging. There are points where we wanted him out of his mask so you could have that experience where you’re watching and you go, “Whoa, that is him. Jesus!” And he does a fantastic job.

captain americaAnd what’s Captain America without his shield? Well, he’s still a pretty tough dude but he’s much tougher with his Vibranium shield. Joe Russo says they completely reworked Steve Roger‘s use of the shield to fit more in line with the modern world and his new found combat skills. We saw a little of that in the four-minute trailer earlier today. Says Joe Russo:

We do get creative with the shield! That was a big thing for us. The approach for us with Cap was this: In the 40s, it makes sense. He’s off the streets. He can fight like John Sullivan. It’s that style of big swings, the shield’s very pronounced, because he hasn’t necessarily been trained yet. Now that he’s in the future, he has a fast mind – it’s part of what the serum does to him – it’s a tactical mind, he learns things quickly. So for us, our approach was, he would absorb everything in that year, year and a half, all the training that he could possibly get, you know? And all the tools at his disposal would be affected by that training, so there are some interesting moments with the shield where he even uses just one handle on it. He uses it more in an Eastern style to fight people. We figured, for us, those are the things that excite me about the character. I like post-modern … when [Frank] Miller released The Dark Knight and I was like 12 or 13, it blew my mind, and it changed my whole approach to comic books. I like post-modern deconstruction of heroes. It just feels to me like there’s more layers there for the character. Included in that would be, how do we make Cap modern? How do we make him feel modern? And that’s what I like about the MCU versus the comic books. Look, I’ve already read it; I don’t need to see the literal interpretation of that. My imagination’s pretty good, I can sit at home and figure that stuff out. I want to go see some fresh … If we didn’t support people like Brubaker, we’d never have the Winter Soldier storyline, which I think is one of the best comic story lines in the last 50 years. So that’s the way we approached this movie was how do we deconstruct it? How do we put him in a new place that would appeal to people of similar tastes?

Kevin Feige kept things close to the vest, but he did promise that The Winter Soldier has ramifications in the finale that tie-in to Age of Ultronmuch more so than the other [Phase II] films.” You can check out three behind the scene stills released today to coincide with the set visit embargo being lifted below a brand new TV spot from Disney. What do you think about the cast and crew’s comments? Are you ready for the April 4th release?

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Source : Collider