Burt Ward Says There Has Only Ever Been One True Batman And It’s Adam West


batmanIf Burt Ward could borrow a line from Captain America, it would be something like “There’s only one Batman, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure it’s Adam West.” The Robin to Adam West’s Batman in the cult classics 60’s show recently praised his longtime friend in a weird and wacky interview on a local news program for the Portland Comic Con.

adam westThe dynamic duo appeared on a live segment for KGW-TV to promote Wizard World Portland, and things were rather bizarre for the majority of the discussion (which you can watch in full below). Adam West kept walking around, but when he finally came back he and Ward launched into their usual con schtick. As someone who has seen it firsthand, it works much better in person. The interviewer did get one serious question in though. When Ward was asked who he thought the best movie Batman was, if he took Adam West completely out of the equation, Ward said there wasn’t one:

Well, they’re all actors and you think of them as actors. When you see Adam you don’t think of him so much as Adam, you think of him as Batman. That’s the only REAL Batman in my opinion.

Of course Ward has spent many years with West and is good friends with the man, but he says that his honest to goodness answer even if you take away their lifelong friendship. Ward assured the interviewer that this wasn’t some fake answer to make West, who was sitting right beside the man at this time, feel good. Said the former Robin “I gave you an honest answer. They’re all great actors that portrayed the roles, but when you think of who really is Batman, who kids really believe is Batman, there’s really only one and it’s Adam West.

Regardless of who your favorite Batman is, you have to agree with at least part of Ward’s statement. Adam West is one of the only actors that has actually been seen as Batman in real life. None of the other actors have been typecast in the same style West has either, as frustrating as that was for the Wesst for many years. I think Ward is being sincere in his answer though. With the entire 1960s Batman series coming out on DVD later this year, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from the dynamic duo in the coming months. What do you think of Ward’s comments?

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Source : via ComicBook