Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #11 Review


It’s been an interesting season for Buffy.  She’s starting to feel the effects of destroying the Seed.  Then she found out she was a robot.  It’s safe to say, it hasn’t been easy for our favorite slayer.  #11 finds a way to turn this around for her, but is she ready to accept these changes?

Andrew Chambliss writes the effect of change on Buffy well.  It’s clear that Buffy is having a hard time growing up, while the world she knows is growing up around her.  Chambliss does this especially well when Buffy is watching a cop dust a vamp. It’s something that hits Buffy to the core, and Chambliss writes the next scene well.  Her somewhat of a crush with the Detective finally has it’s first genuine moment.  It’s fine to bring in a new love interest, but the Detective hasn’t been established well, or even developed for that matter.  We do have half a season left, so this could happen.  But for now, all we know about him is that he has a crush on Buffy, and recently lost his partner.  The compound that the Slayers live in is very similar to the army that Buffy started, which makes this plot point slightly lazy.

The new direction of having Buffy become a body guard is an inspired idea.  It works well in the development of Buffy.  The opening is humorous, and Kennedy’s speech about why it’s the best thing for her is perfectly written.  But there is one thing that left me bothered by the end…..how they hell did we get here?  When #10 ended, we were in the coffee shop and we saw Buffy quitting her job.  #11 starts, and she already has her job as a bodyguard. I read the first few scenes, then ran over to my long boxes to grab #10.  I couldn’t figure out if I had missed something or not.  It’s a stylistic choice, and one that some might not mind.  But as someone who reads a lot of comics each month, these leaps of continuity can be a pain in the ass.

The addition of Wolfram & Hart is nice addition to making this family of books feel more cohesive.  Angel & Faith has talked about Buffy and what has been going on with her, but we haven’t seen much here.  The same could be said with Spike being gone.  It makes long time fans excited for the future.

Georges Jeanty returns this month on art, and his art has never been better.  The three months off gave Jeanty plenty of time to work on the faces, which look closer to their actor counterparts.  There are many close ups of Buffy, and she looks as close to Sarah Michelle Gellar as she ever has.  One of his bigger problems is facial details on characters that somewhat enter the background.  Not a problem here.  The quick action scene in the beginning works better than the few we have seen so far this season.  Jeanty’s action scenes can seem stiff and action figure life.  One panel sadly suffers from this, but the rest has a slight sense of motion to it.  Buffy’s reaction after being shot at was one of the better facial expressions of this issue.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #11 gets 3.5/5.

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