Bryan Singer Teases An Attack On Paris In Days Of Future Past Tweet


XMenDaysofFuturePastIt’s been a while since director Bryan Singer gave us a big Twitter teaser. The man behind the upcoming X-Men inbetweenquel gave us a little taste of what looks to be a major story point for Days of Future Past. As you can see below, Singer posted the opening statement in a speech that will be coming out of the White House. We know that Richard Nixon will be in the movie and we’ve even seen a glimpse of him in a previous Tweet pic. We can probably safely assume that a speech of this importance would be given by the president. The movie takes place all over time, so it could be any president really. You know what they say about assuming. Regardless, something big will happen in Paris. It could be a mutant attack or it could be related to damage going on when the Sentinels are unleashed. We haven’t seen any fighting other than Beast taking a swing at Magneto in a fountain, so it’s hard to say. What do you think will happen in Paris?



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Source : Twitter