Bryan Singer Talks Days Of Future Past: Fixing The Timeline And Teasing Scott And Jean’s Return


scott and jeanYou would think Days Of Future Past was coming out in a few weeks as much as we’ve been hearing about the film the last few weeks. Bryan Singer has been out and about promoting Jack the Giant Slayer, but he’s also been using the time to talk up and tease the First Class sequel. In a new interview with IGN, Singer covers a wide range of topics including fixing the timeline and teasing a return for Scott Summers aka Cyclops and Jean Grey.

IGN started off by asking if the director would be looking at things from X-Men: The Last Stand and righting some of the character endings and threads left dangling. Singer got what they were hinting at:

You mean, what you’re politely saying is, “fix shit.” Is that what you’re saying? That’s what I’m hearing. [laughs] There’s going to be a little of that, a few things I can repair.

The director went on to say that he thinks fans will be pleased with the things he chooses to “repair.” Singer also took time to tease fans even further about possible returning characters when asked about Scott aka Cyclops and Jean Grey. Scott and Jean seemingly died in the films, but with the time displacement story it’s not out of the question that they could return. When asked, as being a fan, if he’d like to see the duo come back:

Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t? That’s all I can say. The good news is that we’re all on the same page!

singerWith all the returning characters, the question of how the director will balance all of them comes into play. Singer says that the time displacement story is in line with the X-Men mythos and helps to keep things balanced. This will lead to a distinct tone as well:

The majority of it…or that part of it, takes place in the early 70’s, 1973. So Nixon is a character, and there will be different styles and automobiles. And there will be some futuristic, as well as retro, technology which you haven’t seen. There are science fiction aspects of the movie, and then there’s some retro science fiction that the X-Men films haven’t had quite yet. So we’re exploring that, which will be fun. And there’s an attitude [difference]. We discover our characters, particularly the younger characters, at a different place in their lives. Every character you discover in this movie is in a completely different place than you’ve ever seen, emotionally, and it’s about them moving through that. Hilarity ensues!

You can read the full interview where Singer discusses his real thoughts on Brett Ratner‘s X3 as well as reiterating some of his points on a shared X-Men/Fox movie universe among other things by clicking here. We’ve heard rumors that Famke Janssen may pop up in The Wolverine. The actress has also said she’s waiting by the phone for Singer to call. I wouldn’t be surprised if she does join Days of Future Past at all. James Marsden may be a different story since he recently signed up for Anchorman 2. Then again, he could pop up for a little while at least. What do you think?

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Source : IGN