Bryan Singer Stands Next To A Life-Sized Sentinel In Latest Days Of Future Past Pic


sentinel bannerAnother day, another Bryan Singer teaser pic. Yesterday the director of the upcoming X-Men inbetweenquel gave us a look at Mystique‘s leg pinning some poor chump to the wall. Today’s pic is our first real look at a life-sized Sentinel. We’ve seen some teaser pics and a brief video of the giant mutant hunters when the viral site for Trask Industries launched, but now we see exactly how large Trask‘s crowning achievement is.

There will be a few different version of the Sentinels throughout the movie, but it’s nice to see that Singer and company are using some actual giant robot props instead of relying strictly on CGI. The leg, as you can see in the pic, seems to indicate  that this is the Mark 2. There has been word that the Sentinels in the future part of the film will be Mark Xs. Those are giant hulking machines and will probably require a lot of CGI work. What do you think about Singer‘s Sentinel?


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Source : Twitter