Bryan Singer On Creative Consultant Mark Millar And Competing With Marvel’s Film Slate

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singerWe’ve seen a lot of set pictures from Bryan Singer‘s X-Men inbetweenquel Days of Future Past. Things have looked pretty good so far, but Singer got a few fans worked up when he announced Quicksilver would be involved in the film. Some saw it as a jab at Joss Whedon and Marvel who are planning big things for the silver speedster and his sister in Avengers 2. It seems things have calmed down and we’re back to business as usual. Singer recently chatted with SFX magazine about the movie. He talked a little about Mark Millar and his Marvel movie consultant role as well as what it’s like competing with Marvel‘s movie line-up for 2014.

Mark Millar was hired last year by Fox to help oversee their Marvel properties like X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Millar is essentially Fox‘s version of Joss Whedon. Singer had said as recently as a few months ago that he hadn’t really talked with Millar and was just going ahead with the plans he had. The two have since talked and figured out how Days of Future Past will work into Fox‘s larger plans. Singer talked a little about Millar and his role:

It’s been a worthwhile thing as he’s been brought in to just look at the whole universe. I’ve basically rebooted the universe twice already, in that I booted it up once with X-Men and then rebooted it with First Class. I’m very keenly interested in exploring the X-Men universe in the same way that Marvel have done with the Avengers. It’s an enormous universe and not just in the issues that it confronts. A lot of Marvel’s famous characters have already been used but there’s still a few left. DC have got some as well; the Justice League film is going to be a monster!

first classI’m not really sure Singer and Millar get along too well from reading everything that’s come out in the past few months, but it seems like they’re working together well enough for now. Singer has bigger things to worry about when Days of Future Past hits. Marvel will have films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming out in 2014. Days of Future Past will have some strong comic book competition that year. Singer on competing with the Marvel releases:

You can never compete with that. Tonally it’s a very different experience as the X-Men movies operate on very specific themes and it’s a much more serious kind of universe as the Marvel movies universe is not so serious. It’s got its own emotional points and the characters are obviously amazing.

Sir Patrick Stewart said he thought Days of Future Past could be THE film of 2014. I’m sure Singer probably feels the same way, but it’s nice that he’s not out boasting and shooting off at the mouth making big promises. It’s refreshing to see filmmakers make the film and let it speak for itself. Some directors area all hype, hype, hype. What do you think about Singer‘s comments? Do you think the X-Men can stand against the heroes Marvel are throwing at them in 2014?


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Source : SFX via @KnightGambit