Bryan Singer Offers Some Interesting Commentary On The DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Trailer


x-men days of future past bannerYesterday director Bryan Singer and the folks at Fox released the first full-length trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past. The trailer was largely a character piece that gave us glimpses at the impressively large cast of humans and mutants that will be taking part in the big time travel story. The trailer was a gigantic teaser that whetted fans’ appetites and left them wanting more. While we wait to see more of the X-Men inbetweequel, Singer has offered a commentary for the trailer. MTV posted the video of the trailer with the director’s comments playing throughout. He offers some great insight into the movie’s tone and the role certain characters will play in the narrative. You can watch the video below for the entire thing, but here are two comments worth mentioning:

Modeled on “Man of Steel”
“I asked for something emotionally driven for this first piece, to just reintroduce characters and the stakes. It’s got plenty of action and scope, but I think at it’s core to remind audiences of the world, the stakes, and the characters, so it was nice to lead with a piece like this. To be honest, I was very fond of the ‘Man of Steel’ trailer. I felt really felt that it captivated the heart of that character. I wanted something similar to that.”

New Class
“They’re part of a younger group of surviving refugees in the future that have been living moment to moment just trying to stay alive, so we find them confronted with the members of the original, few-remaining X-Men, who basically ask them help them with this plan. They’re skeptical, but they also realize that there’s no other choice.

“Most of the picture takes place in 1973, but in the third act, you got back and forth. I’ve created a way where parallel action can take place, so you’ll be living with the characters in the future as well as in the past.”

Days of Future Past will hit theaters May 23, 2014. What do you think of Singer‘s trailer commentary?


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Source : MTV