Bryan Singer Gives Us A Look At Ellen Page As Kitty Pryde In His New Twitter Teaser


XMenDaysofFuturePastBryan Singer has sent out a new Tweet giving us our first look at Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde in the upcoming “inbetweenquel.” She isn’t the only X-Man getting shown off though. You can see part of a face that looks a whole lot like Shawn “Iceman” Ashmore. There’s a good chance we could be seeing a little more of their budding romance that began all those years ago in the original X-Men movies.

Besides the possible romance, if the comic book the movie is based on is any indication we’ll be seeing Page playing a much larger role in Days of Future Past. Her character is the one that kinda-sorta travels back in time. Kate Pryde, in a future ruled by Sentinels, sends her mind into the young Kitty Pryde of the past who has just arrived at the X-Mansion. After a little convincing that she is indeed from the future, she warns the others of the oncoming Sentinel apocalypse. That sets the whole story in motion. With Daniel Cudmore back as Colossus, it will be interesting to see if future Pryde moves on from her Iceman infatuation and rushes into the strong, steel arms of Colossus. She’s married to the big Russian bruiser in the comic storyline. What do you think about her look? Do you like the basic, grim future costumes we’ve seen so far?



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Source : Twitter